5 Ways to Get Over a Crush

#1 Feel allllll the Feelings

Having a crush is super fun…until you’ve been crushing on the same person for weeks and months without any progress. Ughhhh. Maybe you still don’t know your crush very well, or maybe you’ve confessed your feelings and they don’t feel the same way about you (double ughhhh). Either way you’re stuck in a vicious cycle that’s only causing you heartache and pain.

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If you’re ready to get over your crush, there’s no need to despair any longer, friend! With these five easy tips, you’ll be able to get over your crush in no time.


1. Feel Allllll the Feelings

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Don’t beat yourself up for having a crush and not having it work out. Getting over someone is haaaaard. So it’s totally normal to feel sad/angry/disappointed. Let yourself feel all of it. Cry, scream into a pillow, write in your journal, dance it out. Whatever it is, make sure you express how you’re feeling. You’ll feel refreshed afterwards, promise.


2. Give Yourself Some Space

Time heals all wounds, and it helps when you have some space between you and your crush. Sit next to them in science class? Switch seats. Did you have a habit of walking by their locker everyday? Switch up your route. If you’re friends, consider hiding them from your phone and social media feeds for a while. It’ll be hard at first, but it will definitely help your healing process.


3. Stop Talking About Your Crush

If you’ve been thinking about your crush forever, then chances are you’ve been talking about them forever, too. Well, now it’s time to pull the plug because the more you talk about your crush, the more you will think about them. Inform your besties you are trying to move on, so they can gently stop you from asking or talking about your crush. Also remind them not to update you on his latest Snap or Instagram post. Remember: you want to forget about your crush as much as possible.


4. Meet New People

Joining a new club or sports team is an easy way to not only inject some extra fun into your life and boost your mood, but it’s also an awesome way to meet new people. Enjoying yourself with new friends — especially those who don’t know about your crush — is the perf distraction to help you move on. If you meet someone cute, flirt away. Who knows? Maybe one of your new friends will enter bae territory!


5. Focus on Yourself

You are an amazing person with tons of awesome qualities that will attract the right person at the right time. In the meantime, focus on what you love most about yourself (your creativity? your sense of adventure?) and what you love to do. Hit up the gym or schedule a Netflix binge of your fave show. Plan majorly fun hangs with your BFFs and your family. Do YOU.


Getting over a crush can be difficult and it will take some time. Be gentle with yourself, and keep in mind that you didn’t lose your first love. You might have lost the idea of someone, but the real someone is out there — who’s waiting for you to get over your crush.