5 Ways to Love Your Body Right Now

Because you're beautiful, baby

In a world of picture-perfect selfies, it’s easy to feel self-conscious about your body. As much as we are learning to accept different kinds of bods, it can be difficult to embrace what we see in the mirror.

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Here are five ways on how to love your body right now.


1. Treat Your Body Like Your Best Friend

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You love your BFF, right? You would never insult, or relentlessly punish her for not being “perfect.” Your bod deserves the same courtesy. Tell your body how much you love and appreciate it. Go for a run or attend a Pilates class, but only if you are happy to do it – and not because you regret that donut you ate this morning.


2. Choose One Thing You Love

Each morning, look at yourself in the mirror and choose one thing about your body that you absolutely love. Maybe it’s your eyes, or your neck or hips. Throughout the day, play up that fave part and remember how much you love it. Soon enough, that love and appreciation will spread to the other parts of your body.

5 Ways to Love Your Body Right Now

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3. It’s the Fit That Counts

When shopping for clothes, don’t be stuck in a number-based bias. Remember that not only do some brands run smaller than others, but also it’s the fit that truly counts – not the number on the tag. If it looks good, and you feel good, that’s all that really matters.

5 Ways to Love Your Body Right Now

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4. Listen to Your Body

It knows what it wants. It knows whether it truly wants another slice of pizza or wants to have a salad for lunch. It knows whether it’s ready to go for an extra long hike or prefers a barre class over yoga class instead. The more you listen to your body, the more you’ll be able to respect and appreciate it.


5. Stop the Compare Game

Any comparison between you and another person is like comparing Kim Kardashian and Karlie Kloss – there is no comparison because everyone is different. Your body is uniquely beautiful and should be celebrated as such. Embrace your so-called imperfections. There’s only one gorgeous, awesome you – so go rock that beautiful bod of yours.

5 Ways to Love Your Body Right Now

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