6 Healthy Food Hacks for Your Fave Comfort Foods

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6 Healthy Food Hacks for Your Fave Comfort Foods


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Everyone has their go-to fave comfort food that makes everything — from a bad day to a bad breakup to a case of the Mondays — feel instantly better. And with the cooler seasons upon us (sorry but winter IS coming), no doubt we’ll be reaching for them on the reg to help warm us up.

Our fave comfort foods might taste super delicious, but chances are, they’re not super healthy. Thankfully, with some easy twists, you can easily transform your tasty comfort foods into something more healthy without sacrificing flavor.


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1. Sub Sweet Potatoes for Tortilla Chips

Who doesn’t love nachos? NO ONE because they’re awesomely delicious. Make your nacho obsession more healthy by replacing salty tortilla chips with sliced, oven-roasted sweet potatoes (or regular potatoes) that are filled with nutrients, like potassium.


2. Replace Meat With Mushrooms

Elevate the ground beef in your fave bowl of chilli or tacos by subbing in mushrooms instead. Beef is high in saturated fat, while mushrooms, which have a similar texture to meat when cooked, are low in calories and fat-free and filled with important nutrients, including selenium and vitamin D.


3. Use Zoodles Instead of Noodles

Can’t get enough of your Nonna’s famous spaghetti? While nothing will probably taste as good as homemade pasta, you can mix it up by using zoodles instead. Zoodles are noodles made from zucchini, and are an easy and fun way to increase your daily intake of veggies. Plus, they’re way more healthy than processed pasta.


4. Add Cauliflower Into Your Mashed Potatoes

A bowl of mashed potatoes is super yummy, but all that cream and starch isn’t exactly healthy. Another alternative is replacing cream with a nut milk (cashew is a tasty option!), while swapping out the potatoes for fibre-enriched cauliflower. If you don’t want to sacrifice alllll the potatoes, you can do half cauliflower, half potatoes.

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5. Sneak Veggies into Everything

From pasta sauce to pizza toppings, tossing veggies on your fave foods is always a good idea. Roast up a bunch of delicious veggies — like tomatoes, peppers, and zucchini — and add them to your fave foods. It’s an easy way to amp up the nutrition factor to every meal.


6. Use Nutritional Yeast Instead of Cheese

Nutritional yeast is a deactivated yeast that is fat-free and an awesome source of protein and vitamins, in particular B-complex vitamins. It has a nutty, cheesy flavor, which makes it a healthier alternative to cheese on your popcorn, or on your Caesar salad.