5 homemade cool treats for the hottest days of summer

You'll feel refreshed and hungry just looking at this

July is upon us and that means the summer heat is, well, heating up. Here are five recipes for homemade treats that will help you cool off on the hottest of days.

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1. Chocolate Mint Popsicles 

This video walks you through exactly how to make these delicious (and healthy!) ice cream alternatives.

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2. Cereal Pops 

Want an excuse to eat a cool popsicle for breakfast? Look no further than cereal yogurt pops.

Cosmo even created a handy video that walks you through exactly how to make them:


3. Homemade Ice Cream

Craving ice cream but no time (or let’s be real, no transportation) to get to the store? You can make ice cream at home and it’s simple, quick, and leaves the flavor options up to you.

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Here’s a great tutorial that will satisfy your cravings AND make your science teacher proud.


4. Homemade Milkshakes

You don’t have to go to a diner to get an incredible milkshake. You can make them at home and you’ll want to after you see this:

Salivating yet? Here’s a great tutorial for making these classic treats at home:


5. Frozen Hot Chocolate

Sometimes you crave weirdly inappropriate things. Like when it’s 90 degrees out but your body just NEEDS a hot chocolate. You don’t have to wait until November or risk heat stroke to indulge in this cold weather favorite though. Frozen hot chocolate is a thing and it’s delicious. Serendipity 3 in New York is famous for these:

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Here’s how to make it at home:

Featured Image Source: Exploring Healthy Foods