6 Non-Awkward First Date Ideas

You don't have to be THAT nervous

6 Non-Awk First Date Ideas


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Getting ready for a first date is nerve-wrecking for everyone. Between the excited anticipation and the fear of not connecting with your crush (like them not understanding your cray sense of humor), first dates are usually super awkward and uncomfortable. This is perfectly normal, by the way. It’s how people get to know each other and decide whether there’s a second date in their future. But instead of worrying about your first date and how to fill those awk silences, there are some amazing first date ideas to help keep the convo flowing and you both feeling at ease.

Check out our 6 fave ideas below!


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1. Going to a Movie

It might be a total cliche, but nothing beats going to a movie on a first date. Not only will the flick determine your date’s taste in movies (and whether or not you both enjoy watching sci-fi), but it’s also an excellent conversation starter when you grab dessert post-show. Plus, sitting side-by-side, sharing a bowl of popcorn, is soooooo cozy.


2. Bowling

Doing a fun activity together creates an instant bond, which doesn’t solely rely on having to keep the convo going. A dose of healthy competition amps up the flirty vibe of your date, while tasty bowling snacks, like fries and hot dogs, will keep your energy up for multiple games.


3. Visit a Museum

Going somewhere quiet, which also allows you to interact with your surroundings, is always a good idea for a first date. A first date is about learning about each other — a near impossible feat if you’re stuck somewhere with loud music and huge crowds. That’s why walking together in a local museum, discussing cool things, like art and history, is an awesome ice-breaker.


4. Go to a Fast Food Restaurant

Your fave burger joint might not be the most romantic spot, but you know you like the food there and it is where you feel the most comfortable, right? That’s why it’s the ideal choice for a first date. Going to an unfamiliar fancy restaurant will only make you and your date super tense and uncomfortable (like, when do you use the small fork? Before or after the main course?). Remember: comfort is key.


5. Try Ice Skating

Ice skating is a tried-and-true romantic date for a reason. The sport not only gets your heart racing (as if it’s not beating hard enough!), but it’s also the perf excuse to hold hands. Later, grab a hot cocoa to get to know more about each other — and to nurse your bruises.


6. Visit an Animal Shelter

If you and your date are both animal lovers (and not allergic to pets!), visiting your local animal shelter for the day to play with kittens and dogs is pretty much heaven. You can chat about which dogs are the cutest (umm, all of them!) and have tons of fun brushing your new furry friends. It’ll definitely be a date to remember, and you’ll get the opportunity to see your date’s softer side.