6 Reasons Why We Love Hunter March

He's the greatest

Hunter March is a very special person in the AwesomenessTV family. He’s an incredible host, an awesome YouTuber and just one sensational human being we all love. Hunter March is one person who can instantaneously brighten up our day and put a big smile on our faces. Needless to say, he’s one of our favorite people on this planet and it’s clear to see why.

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Here are six reasons why we love Hunter March as we celebrate this phenomenal guy’s birthday today!

1. He’s a super talented host

From hosting red carpet events to giving us all the 411 on what has been happening in pop culture lately through AwesomenessTV’s “Daily Report,” Hunter March has such a genuine and natural talent for hosting. He always makes the interviews or shows he hosts so fun to watch and his vibrant personality always shines.

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I tried to be cool in this photo. I'm here to apologize. It was too soon.

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2. He’s a remarkable author

To add onto Hunter’s many talents, he’s also a fantastic author of his very own book, TBH: 51 True Story Collabs. The book features real life stories from so many of our other fave YouTube stars including Meg DeAngelis, the Merrell Twins, Lauren Elizabeth, Alex Aiono, and more. When Hunter March’s book becomes a New York Times best-seller, we called it here first.


 3. His YouTube videos are the best

Whether you’re watching videos of Hunter March on his YouTube channel or the videos he’s in on AwesomenessTV’s YouTube channel, you can always count on us spending hours binge-watching any and every single one of Hunter March’s videos. Hunter March is always so full of life and energy and we totally wish we could hang out with him all day, every day.


4. He has the greatest sense of humor

Hunter March is definitely everyone’s happy pill. He can always make us laugh and we love him for that.

It's just been one of those weeks. #AceVentura #BaeDetective

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5. He’s adventurous

Every time we look through Hunter March’s Instagram account, we always see that he’s exploring some cool place. Hunter, next time you go on one of your really amazing adventures, can we please come along?

Did an incredible(y long) coastal walk today from #BondiBeach to #CoogeeBeach. Many more photos to come!

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6. He’s an excellent role model to all of his fans

Hunter March always has a smile on his face and the fact that he always tries to radiate positivity with everything that he works on is so magnificent. He’s a great role model to all his fans and he encourages them to enjoy life, follow their dreams, and have fun with whatever they do.

Excited that my new glasses put me just one forehead scar away from being the greatest wizard of all time.

A post shared by Hunter March (@huntermarch) on


Here at AwesomenessTV, we want to wish our fave Hunter March a very Happy Birthday!

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