6 Things You Won’t Regret Doing In High School

a list of things that actually matter

High school might seem like it’s going to be the longest four years of your life, but before you know it, you’re going to be walking across the stage at graduation. Once you leave, you are going to realize a lot of those things you thought were so important, don’t actually matter that much. However, here’s a list of six things you can do in high school that do matter, and will affect you in the long run.

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So whether you’re a freshman or a second semester senior, this list is for you.

1. Taking Your Classes Seriously

You have no idea how invaluable knowledge is. That math class you think won’t help you in the real world? It’ll be useful when you decide you want to study video game design, or architecture, or that you just want to be financially literate. Plus when you’re sitting in a college lecture and absolutely nail the material and it’s all because those courses you took seriously in high school gave you a leg up, you’re going to be glad you spent some weekends studying over partying.

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2. Sticking Up For Your Friends (And Strangers)

Guess what? You’re never going to look back and say ‘I totally regret having done the right thing’. After high school, the parties you went to and the shoes you wore, believe it or not, don’t really matter. But treating people with kindness and standing up for the things you believe in? That’s going to be something you’ll forever be glad you did and won’t forget (and something people won’t forget about you).



3. Branching Out And Making New Friends

It’s easy to want to stick to your central group of friends you’ve had since Middle School. It’s also easy to gravitate towards groups that remind you of yourself. But when you reach out to that classmate in your Chemistry class that sees the world a little bit differently than you do, it will benefit you so much. Trust me on this one, nothing makes you thrive and grow more in the real world than finding pleasure in new people, new conversations and new perspectives.



4. Asking For Help

High school is tough. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking three AP courses or you’re just struggling with that one English course because writing isn’t really your thing. But that doesn’t mean you can’t and won’t do well in school. If you don’t have the means to get a tutor, reach out to your teachers and explain that you are struggling with the material, but would like to do better. Usually your teacher will either sit with you after class to go over the material, or find another resource to help you. Asking for help is not uncommon, and your teachers want to see you do well.



5. Trying New Things

Sure, extracurriculars are important for college applications, but why not try something new just for the heck of it? School can get competitive, and sometimes it reinforces the idea that you have to be great at everything you try. But once you get older, you will realize that even if you’re bad at something, you should still do it if you enjoy it. Try out for the tennis team even if sports aren’t really your thing. You might make a bunch of new friends who are also on the team because they want to meet new people, not because they are avid tennis players.



6. Not Caring About What Others Think

When you’re in high school, every small thing can feel like the end of the world. But before you know it, you are going to be going off to college, meeting tons of new people, and achieving things much bigger than you ever imagined. And that nasty comment that one mean girl said to you freshman year? It’s not going to matter at all. Not one little bit. So why waste  your time now worrying about what others say about you? Remember, criticism reflects the person giving it more than the person receiving it. So keep your head held high and remember that the world is your own.


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