6 Things You Had No Idea Your iPhone Could Do


6 Things You Had No Idea Your iPhone Could Do


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It may seem impossible, but it’s true. We’ve rounded up 6 awesome iPhone hacks to make you want to play around on your phone even more that you already do. From adding Kimojis to your keyboard to finally getting a handle on that blinding flashlight, here are 6 things you had no idea your iPhone could do. Enjoy!

1. Adjust the brightness of your flashlight 

The days of blinding your BFF every time you try to use your iPhone’s flashlight are over! We’re actually kind of sad about it… But anyway, here’s how you do it:

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1. Swipe up on your phone to get to your control center.

2. Using 3D touch, hold down firmly on the flashlight button.

3. Your options will then appear.

2. Add the Japanese keyboard for adorable Kaomoji

Yes, we’re emoji addicts, but these Kaomojis on the Japanese keyboard are a must have!

So cute, right?! Here’s how you get them:

1. Go to “Settings” and tap “General.”

2. Tap “Keyboard.”

3. Then tap “Keyboards.”

4. Tap “Add New Keyboard.”

5. Tap “Japanese.”

6. Tap “Kana” and then “Done.”

7. To use: start a new text message and tap the “globe” (lower left corner of keyboard).

8. Tap the button with the Japanese characters on it (lower left corner).

9. Now text away!

3. Set a timer for your music

If you’re someone who loves to fall asleep to music or audio books, this one’s for you. How annoying is it when your music helps you drift off to sleep but then wakes you up hours later? You can now set a timer for your music to stop. Here’s how:

1. Click your clock app.

2. Click “Timer” on the bottom right corner.

3. Choose the amount of time you want your music to run for.

4. Now tap “When Timer Ends.”

5. Scroll to the very bottom and select “Stop Playing.”

6. Click “Set” at the top right of the screen.

7. Tap “Start.” Voila!


4. Erase calculator errors with your finger

Once you’ve launched your calculator app and have typed in some number, swipe to the left or right directly over the numbers. Here’s a video that is actually super helpful with this:

5. Turn off those annoying red bubbles

First, so you don’t get lost doing this, those red bubbles are called “Badges.”

1. Go to “Settings” and tap “Notifications.”

2. Select the app you want to turn the red bubbles off on.

3. Swipe the button on “Badge App Icon” so it’s no longer green.

6. Lock your focus and change your exposure for professional quality photos

You can lock the focus on your subject and change the exposure (how much light is being let into the photo) on your iPhone. Simply:

1. Open your camera and aim at your subject.

2. Press down firmly on the subject you want to focus on, and “AE/AF Lock” will appear along with a little sun. Your focus is now locked.

3. Now, use your finger to scroll up to brighten and down to darken.

Do you have any cool iPhone hacks that we absolutely must know about? Comment below! And for all these hacks, be sure you’ve updated your phone, or they may not work.