7 Celeb Sisters That Look Like Twins

We're seeing double

You know what they say, “A sister is a best-friend for life.” Whenever we see these phenomenal celeb sisters, we can’t get over how much of an incredible bond they have with each other. We’ve also noticed a few celeb sisters who look so much alike that we could have definitely mistaken them for being twins. For real though, they are the spitting image of one another.

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Here are seven celeb sisters that look like they are twins:

1. Simone Biles and Adria Biles

Whenever we see a photo of Simone Biles and her sister, Adria, we always think that we are seeing double! These two lovely ladies look so much alike, but it turns out that Simone is two years older than her sister.

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2. Victoria Justice and Madison Grace Reed

Are they twins or nah? Victoria Justice and her half-sister, Madison Grace Reed almost look identical. They are both so stunning!


3. Bella Thorne and Dani Thorne

Bella Thorne is super close to all of her siblings and we love seeing how much of a special bond they all have with each other. Bella and her sister, Dani are basically inseparable and it’s super cute how they also resemble each other as well.

So happy to be walking around #rome with my other half ❤️ #twins #iloveher

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4. Dakota Fanning and Elle Fanning

We know Dakota Fanning and Elle Fanning for being two of the most talented actresses. We also can’t help but notice how much these two look alike and we are totally obsessed with their beauty!

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5. Vanessa Hudgens and Stella Hudgens

Vanessa and Stella Hudgens are our #goals in all ways! They both are fashion queens and they are so talented. In addition to being awesome sisters, they are also amazing BFFs. Vanessa Hudgens and Stella Hudgens are definitely a fantastic dynamic duo.

Before the dust got us. @stellahudgens

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6. Sabrina Carpenter and Sarah Carpenter

Have we ever told you guys how much we love the Carpenter sisters? They’re pretty incredible. They also look a lot like each other – both so gorgeous!

Faking British accents since '96.

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7. China Anne McClain, Lauryn McClain and Sierra McClain

They make three magnificently talented sisters who are all outstanding actresses and singers. Did you know that China Anne McClain, Sierra McClain and Lauryn McClain are also a musical group called the McClain sisters? Their music rocks and we can see how much they resemble one another. Three times the beauty!

Love my girls💜 #FreeStateOfJonesPremiere

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Featured Image Source: Simone Biles, Bella Thorne