7 Easy Ways to Workout Without Joining A Gym

Try These Easy Exercises At Home

New Year new you, right? A lot of us want to get healthier and workout, but what happens when you don’t have the means to do so? What’s a well-meaning girl to do? Here are a few options for those of you who want to work out but can’t get yourself to a gym.

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1. Use Your Surroundings

Ever thought the monkey bars at your local park would work for awesome pull ups? Or that hiking trail would be a good way to get a run in! Follow those instincts. “Gyms” are all around you and working out in nature is one of the best ways to be inspired to get that hard body. Just be safe, running on your own or using the park as a gym can be dangerous if you don’t practice caution!

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2. Buy Gym Equipment for Home

Running and calisthenics are wonderful ways to exercise, but maybe you’re looking to increase your strength. To do that, you’re gonna need to have some good weights. You can buy low sets of weights at any fitness store and even Amazon! Keep it in the corner of your bedroom so you’re always reminded to workout at least once a day.

3. Use Home Tools/Decor as Gym Equipment

If buying weights or elastic bands are not an option, who is to say you can’t make your own? Use gallon water jugs as weights or an old, stable box for box jumps. Just because you can’t get the equipment into your home, doesn’t mean you can’t work out. Just make sure you practice with caution as these obviously weren’t made to use as fitness equipment. Run it by your parents so they can help make whatever object you want to use safe.

4. Ask a Friend for Help

A lot of calisthenics (like crunches or squats) don’t require a gym setting but a buddy could make it a lot more effective. Ask a friend or family member to help you work out. Not only will they help with exercises like wheelbarrow push-ups or leg-raise throw downs, but they can help motivate and push you. Having a friend will keep you accountable for your fitness goals that will ultimately keep you on track.

5. Use Apps and the Internet

There are SO many exercises online. Like, an obscene amount. There are apps, programs and YouTube videos dedicated to help you work out without a gym. A lot of these are aerobic-based and calisthenic type workouts.

6. Take the Long Way

Do you walk to school? The store? Take the long route. You’ll get your daily dose of exercise in and discover more about your own backyard than you even knew. Go the extra mile (ha, get it?) and invest in a step counter if you can! It will motivate you to walk even more. 

7. Invest in a Program

With the Instagram celebrity boom has come a lot of fitness bloggers. And with them has come more programs than ever! Fitness ebooks, pdfs and books that come in all shapes and sizes for stay-at-home parents, busy entrepreneurs and teens. Find your favorite fitness guru on social media and find out if they have a program you like.

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