7 Reasons Why Leo Howard Is Our #MCM

Totally swoon-worthy

Freakish” is one of everyone’s favorite shows for so many reasons – it’s super thrilling and the cast is filled with so many amazing people. While watching the show, you def noticed a certain someone who caught your eye and you proudly called him your #MCM ever since, and yes, we’re talking about the one and only Leo Howard.

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Leo Howard is totally #swoonworthy, so let’s take a look at some things that make him our #ManCrush today and everyday.

1. He is super talented

Leo is a talented actor that can seriously do it all. Trying to survive after a chemical plant explosion has affected his surrounding area and fellow students? Done. Kickin’ It on a hit Disney XD show? He’s done that too. Plus, we certainly don’t mind seeing Leo’s handsome face on our TV / phone screens.

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The boys. Oct. 10th on Hulu. #freakishseries #freakweek

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2. He can ride a motorcycle

We repeat: Leo Howard can ride a motorcycle. We think that’s reason enough for him to be everyone’s #MCM.


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3. He directs too

Not only is Leo a phenomenal actor, but he also does work behind the camera too. Leo has directed several projects which shows how talented he is at everything he does!

Another awesome week on gamers guide with some awesome people.

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4. He can play the guitar

Okay, seriously now… Is there anything Leo Howard can’t do?!

A Little SRV from my 69 and me

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5. He’s a martial arts pro

An infinite amount of heart-eye emojis fills the room.

A little throwback

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6. He’s family oriented

We love how close Leo is with his family and how they always have a blast together with whatever they are doing.

Hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil on thanksgiving…

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7. He makes one awesome Harley Quinn

So, we just have to put it out there that Leo Howard definitely had the greatest Harley Quinn costume this past Halloween. #EnoughSaid

So this happened….

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