7 Things You Do As a Person With Anxiety That Are Perfectly Normal

Just breathe

The struggle is so definitely real when you’re a person with anxiety. You overanalyze and overthink everything. You’re extremely sensitive to sounds, sights and touch, and super duper aware of every single little thing. And you worry. A lot. Which is probably why you sometimes worry about your worrying.

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Though excessive anxiety can be harmful to your well-being, some of your anxiety, and all of its resulting quirks, are, in fact, perfectly normal. Because the last thing we want you to do is panic over your anxiety (you’ve got enough on your plate), here are some very common things that every anxious person does.


1. Panics over flying

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Plane crashes rarely happen, but that doesn’t stop you from Googling “plane crashes” before each and every flight, and requesting “good vibes” and prayers from friends and family whenever you board your plane. Science tells us that this huge metal tube can handle zooming through the air, yet you still can’t deal.


2. Thinks someone hates you if they take more than 10 minutes to add you back

Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, whatever. If someone doesn’t accept your request or follows you back on any of your social media channels, you automatically assume they hate you and they never liked you and never will because, honestly, what’s the hold up?! (This also goes for texting, too.)


3. Chooses take-out over real dinner plans

When it comes to dinner plans, the less interaction with the world, the better. You don’t like to be forced to interact with strangers or be exposed to lots of noise if you don’t have to. That’s why when your bestie suggests ordering a pizza or going out, you always vote for pizza in your sweats (well, other than pizza being THE best thing ever).


4. Only has one or two solid BFFs, and is totally fine with it

You prefer quality over quantity as far as your squad is concerned. You enjoy spending time with your friends in a small group over larger hang-outs, and they totally understand all of your nervous feelings. Sometimes they try coaxing you out of your comfort shell to attend the latest party, but they also get why you just want to stay home and chill most of the time.


5. Being spontaneous is not your jam

You like planning in advanced and tons of organization. You do NOT like surprises because doing something that’s not part of your routine makes you extremely agitated. A spontaneous road trip sounds like the worst thing ever to you, and if someone ever threw you a surprise party? Um, no.


6. Writes the longest to-do lists ever

Speaking of being organized, you are the Queen of to-do lists. If you don’t keep a bullet journal, you probably have something even more detailed and coordinated than that! You have a checklist of all things you need to do, and what you *might* have to do, and maybe what *not* to do. Basically, you make sure your bases are covered.


7. Freaks out when your body does something weird

You tend to think the worst case scenario for everything, and your body is no exception. Whether it’s a head cold or your eye is weirdly twitching, if your body is doing something out of the regular, you are not having it. The only thing that will stop you from having heart palpitations (and, no, you are NOT having a heart attack) is looking up your symptoms on WebMD (which we don’t suggest doing).