7 Toasty Things For Everyone Who Gets Cold Easily

The struggle to stay warm is real AF

If you’re one of those who people who gets cold easily, then you know that getting warm — and staying warm — is all you ever care about once the winter season strikes (or even once the thermostat goes below 70 degrees).

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Whether it’s you who’s struggling with the cold or the constantly freezing friend in your life, here are some essential — and toasty! — things that will keep your tootsies, and the rest of your body, warm and cozy.


1. Heated Socks

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These non-electric socks provide twice the warmth of regular thermal socks, thanks to a layer of insulation that will keep your feet dry and toasty whenever you hit the slopes, or attempt to venture outside. $25 for a pack of 4, Walmart.



2. Pillow Warmer

Have sweet — and warm — dreams with this adorable fox pillow warmer that lets you set your level of warmth to low or hot-hot-hot (high). $40, Amazon. 


3. Pajamas Warming Pouch

How does slipping into a pair of toasty warm pajamas in 10 minutes flat sound? Pretty hot and heavenly, which is why this is a must-have. $40, Hammacher.


4. Whistling Tea Kettle

Sometimes nothing will do but a nice cuppa tea. This kettle is sleek and chic, and whistles when your water is boiling. $39, Urban Outfitters.


5. Heated Scarf

No matter how stylish your infinity scarf looks, it doesn’t quite keep you warm as much as you’d like. Enter: the heated scarf. It’s battery operated and will keep you toasty with just one touch. $25, Amazon.


6. Mermaid Tail Blanket

This awesome blanket is your chance to finally indulge your inner Ariel without getting your fins wet and cold! The mermaid blanket is made from crystal cashmere and provides 15% more warmth than regular wool. $25, Amazon.

7 Toasty Things For Everyone Who Gets Cold Easily: mermaid blanket



7. Faux Fur Slippers

Cozy slippers like these cute mouse ones will keep your toes warm and looking adorable. $7, Forever 21.