7 Videos You Can’t Miss From Your Fav YouTubers

get ready to smile

We know that between homework, extracurricular activities and spending time with your family, it’s impossible to keep up with every video your favorite YouTubers post. Which is why we’ve decided to list out all the ones you might have missed, but should definitely check out.

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1. Luke Korns surprised Mikey Murphy in LA after not having seen each other in five months and it was the cutest thing. #BestFriendGoals

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2. Jonah Green shared his thoughts on the Friend Zone, and if we didn’t already love him, we definitely do now.


3. Todrick Hall shared this promo for his Straight Outta Oz Tour and we’re OBSESSED.


4. Who knew watching Cameron Fuller do Lauren Elizabeth‘s makeup for the first time would be so entertaining? This makeup challenge gone wrong is probably the funniest thing we’ve seen all day.


5. This cover of Julia Michaels’ Issues is giving us the chills. Courtney Randall is seriously so talented, and we can’t get enough!


6. With spring break coming up, it’s time to find the cutest bikini to add to your collection! Luckily, Megan Mauk has you covered with this affordable bikini hail.


7. Olivia Pavco Giaccia answers some of the most asked questions about dog behavior, and whether or not you’ve got a pup of your own, it’s a must-see.


**Update: What if you had the chance to live one day over and over? Kian Lawley has the best day ever with JC Caylen in this new video, and you’ve got to check out their hilarious shenanigans!


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