7 Ways to Stay Productive This Summer

Make the days count

Classes are done. You’ve aced your finals, signed your yearbooks, and walked on that stage during graduation. Summer is ahead but… now what? Two and a half months is a lot of time, and while relaxing and catching up with your favorite show is cool, here are some other ways to make the best out of that time:

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1. Give back to the community

Sometimes the best thing for you to do is to do something for others. See what volunteering and community service opportunities are around your area. Choose something your passionate about: animals, poverty, elders, children…they all could use your help in some way or another.

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7 Ways to Stay Productive During Summer: volunteer

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2. Read a novel

Sure, 13 Reasons Why may be binge-worthy material, but you know what else is? Books. So go to your local bookstore and check out one book (or two or three or thirteen) that catches your eye. A good novel goes as fast as the best season of your favorite show.

7 Ways to Stay Productive During Summer: beauty and the beast library

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3. Dive into a creative project

You know how you’ve had this idea for a short film since forever? Or how inspired you were after going to that museum? Or how you’ve always wanted to learn how to make your own clothes? Summer is the perfect opportunity to tap into that creative side you might not explore during the school year. So sharpen those colored pencils and create the next masterpiece!

7 Ways to Stay Productive During Summer: spongebob art

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4. Get some work experience

Whether it’s working at the local ice cream shop or gaining some internship experience, it’s never too early to start filling in those empty spaces on your resume. Plus, it will feel so much better when you buy that cute outfit with your own, hard-earned money.

7 Ways to Stay Productive During Summer: cookie monster work

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5. Reach out to family and friends

Sure, you live with them. But when’s the last time you all had a beach day, or took a road trip somewhere nearby, or just had a good old game night? Reach out to family and friends. Make memories. That’s what summer is about.

7 Ways to Stay Productive During Summer: modern family

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6. Work on your fitness

You have no excuse now for skipping the gym. Create a fitness-worthy playlist and hit it! It will take you a couple of weeks to get into the routine and habit of working out regularly, so use these months to get used to sweating and feeling sore the next morning. I promise you it’s worth it.

7 Ways to Stay Productive During Summer: bugs bunny race

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7. Take a fun class

Do you know how to make pasta? Or contemporary modern dance? How about Japanese? Use summer to create fun and interesting skills.

7 Ways to Stay Productive During Summer: vintage cooking

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