8 Of The Greatest Cast Reunions

#TBT to the "High School Musical" reunion

Reunited and it feels so good! Whenever we see castmates from some of our favorite movies and TV shows reunited, we literally cannot contain our happiness. Our fan-girl hearts explode with joy and it’s something we can’t get over for about a week straight. Whether it’s castmates reuniting for a special milestone, or if they continued off their friendship to this day and hang out on the daily, we love seeing these castmates back together again.

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Many castmates have been having some epic reunions recently, so here are eight of the greatest ones we have seen:

1. Madison Pettis and The Rock

Remember the movie “The Game Plan?” Honestly, it was totally our fave and how could it not be?! It has Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Madison Pettis, who was oh, so adorable in it. The best “The Game Plan” reunion took place when Madison Pettis and The Rock got to catch up again at the “Moana” premiere. It gave us total #feels to see how much Madison has grown up since the movie. She looks stunning, btw.

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2. Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia

“Victorious” legit made us all want to go to the Hollywood Arts high school. Just recently, Victoria Justice posted a photo on her Instagram account of her and “Victorious” co-star Avan Jogia reunited and it made us so happy.

Missed you Av 😎 @jogia

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3. Drake and Nina Dobrev

What’s just as great as Drake winning at the AMAs? A mini “Degrassi” reunion that took place on stage! Nina Dobrev presented the award to Drake for “Favorite Album – Rap / Hip Hop” and Drake said, “Me and Nina were on “Degrassi” together by the way.” Okay, okay, we totally wish we were Nina Dobrev at that moment. #Goals

8 Of The Greatest Cast-mates Reunions; Drake and Nina Dobrev

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4. Raven Symone and Annaliese van der Pol

Raven and Chelsea were our all-time favorite BFFs, so when Raven Symone and Annaliese van der Pol reunited recently and Raven shared all about it on her Instagram account, we were so thrilled. #AnnalieseOnTheThatsSoRavenSpinoff? Yes, please.

Oh hi

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5. Zendaya and Roshon

Zendaya’s clothing line launch was a special treat in and of itself, but when we saw that there was a little “Shake It Up” reunion, it made our day 100x better. Roshon came to support his “Shake It Up” co-star’s clothing line launch and it’s so wonderful to see how Zendaya and Roshon continue to support one another.


6. The “iCarly” cast

“iCarly” was the OG when it comes to online-video making – are we right, or are we right?! Just recently, the cast had a reunion and it gave us life. It’s literally like the “iCarly” TV poster was brought to life. We love how the cast still keeps in touch and remains friends.


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7. The “High School Musical” cast

Our emotions were totally all over the place when the “High School Musical” cast had its recent reunion to celebrate the movie’s 10th Anniversary. *Cue “We’re All In This Together” right now*

8 Of The Greatest Cast-mates Reunions; High School Musical Cast

Source: Billboard


8. Selena Gomez and Bailee Madison

Bailee Madison played Maxine Russo on “Wizards of Waverly Place” and we’ll never get over how super cute she was on the show. The lovely Selena Gomez and Bailee Madison grew up to be two of the most talented and beautiful (both inside and out) ladies, and they had the chance to reunite last year at the 2015 American Music Awards.

8 Of The Greatest Cast-mates Reunions; Selena Gomez and Bailee Madison

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