8 Sweet Gifts To Get Your BF/Crush This Season

Great gift ideas for your boyfriend or crush

Shopping for presents isn’t always easy. Knowing what to get your bestie who has everything or your mom who has such expensive taste can be a challenge. But the hardest person to shop for? Your bf (or maybe that guy you WISH was your bf). How do you say ‘Happy Holidays’ without breaking the bank, looking cool and expressing your innermost feelings towards them? We’ve got your back, girl. Here are 8 gifts to get bae so that screams “I love you!” in the most subtle and awesome way.

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1. Nintendo Classic Edition

If your crush is into the video game thing, this has got to be the best gadget gift of the season! The NES Classic Edition has 25 pre-installed games from the 80’s and 90’s. Perfect for a throwback or if they’re feeling nostalgic. This must-have toy has been selling out like crazy, but Nintendo says they’re continuously stocking up throughout the season. If you can’t find them in stores, they’re always on Ebay!

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2. American Eagle Baja Hooded Sweater

If you can’t keep your man warm all season long, this sweatshirt sure can! Your boho boy will love this poncho-style hoodie with striking, masculine colors. The best part is that it’s under $50! Unlike traditional winter hoodies and sweatshirts, this hoodie screams California vibes and is way more relaxed.

3. Photo Scrapbook

Nothing is better than a good, old-fashioned scrapbook! These beautiful books are filled with memories, personal touches and require countless hours (showing your love how much you care). Websites like Shutterfly and Smilebox can help you make one or you can piece one together with the help of your local craft store!

4. Fujifilm Polaroid Camera

If you don’t have a creative bone in your body or maybe don’t have the time, make some new memories together and gift your man a camera! These retro cameras are fun for quick memories that look vintage and are in the moment. Plus, they’re awesome to bring to school, parties or events!

5. His Favorite Kicks

Boys go through shoes faster than underwear. Let your bf start 2017 with a new pair of his favorite shoes! From Vans to Adidas to KSwiss, you have endless options at various prices.

6. Jabra Move Wireless Headphones

These wireless headphones are under 100 dollars and can use cords if there is no bluetooth/wireless connection.

7. Homemade Ornament

Broke girls know the struggle. You want your bf to know how much you care, but you simply don’t have the cash. Why not let your love continue every year with a handmade ornament? It takes time, creativity and thought. Plus, it will have a special place on their tree so they can think of you for years to come.

8. Concert Tickets

Nothing says “rad girlfriend” like getting him tickets to his favorite show. Keep an eye out for tour dates of his favorite band, or even his favorite team! Even if the event is still a few months out, the anticipation will make the gift last much longer.