8 Things You Should Stop Telling Yourself By The Time You’re 20

Eliminate this vocab for a happier you

1. The headline was a TRICK!! 

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The number one thing to stop telling yourself is that you should do anything by a certain age.

I mean it. It’s a big ‘ole trap. You do not have to have a first kiss by a certain age. You do not have to have a book deal by a certain age. And you sure as hell don’t have to be married by a certain age.

Let those numbers go. They will only interrupt the natural flow of your unique story.

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2. That you’re ugly/fat/stupid.

Those mean words that you would never ever say to another human being need to leave your “self-vocabulary” stat.

3. That you could never do ____.

This one is actually scary AF. The truth is, you are capable of doing almost anything your heart desires as long as you put the work in and stay open to the success. So why is this scary? You don’t have fear to hide behind anymore. You can become a doctor even if you’re dyslexic. You can sell a screenplay. You can start a successful Etsy shop at seventeen. You got this.

4. That you’re not as ____ as ____.

You’re not as pretty as Jennifer. You’re not as good at math as Brian. You’re not as charming as Taylor. Guess what? Who cares? There is enough room for everyone’s shining qualities, yours included. When you hear yourself getting caught up in comparisons, remember you can admire someone’s strength/smarts/beauty without questioning your own.


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5. That you’ll be happier with a boyfriend/girlfriend.

I really think partners are a very very special thing in life. I’m not here to tell you you’ll always be better on your own. I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to rush things. Date and fall for yourself first. Then, when the time is right, someone will present themselves, and they’ll just be a great cherry on top of your already fabulous life.

6. That you’re not funny.

Someone once told me I wasn’t funny (…actually two people did.) But here’s the thing, you are so funny! You just have to find the people with the same weird as you. That’s it. My boyfriend, dog, and best friend all think I’m hysterical. I find them all pretty funny in their own wacko way too.

7. That you’ll relax once you get into college/make varsity/any variation of this. 

Things only get more stressful as you get older. Promise me you’ll take time to relax and enjoy the now.

8. That you need to look more like ______.

Freakin’ photoshop man. Us ladies are constantly bombarded with *literally* unrealistic beauty standards every minute. Seriously. Every minute. I’m the first to admit it’s tough to not get caught up in. “Maybe I should whiten my teeth?” and “Are my boobs too small?” are things I’ve caught myself saying because of this overwhelming flood of forced standards. But you, exactly as you were made, is how you are supposed to look. “No one is like you, and that is your power.” – Dave Grohl

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