8 Ways To Get Through Your Senioritis

Senioritis is #real

Senioritis, aka the lack of determination to finish off the school year and just basically wanting to be done with everything right now, is real and it’s totally hitting a lot of people with only a couple more months left of school.

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Well, we got your back, because here are 8 ways to help you get through your Senioritis and slay the rest of this school year:

1. Set New Goals For Yourself Each Day

The last couple of months of your senior year can be overwhelming. You’re finishing high school and at the same time you’re also getting ready to transition into college. Try to set goals for yourself each day so you can minimize the amount of stress you will have in your life and always continue to stay focused. One day you might want to write three paragraphs for your essay and the next day two more. It will help you stay on top of things and accomplish more within the deadlines.

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2. Be Organized

Staying organized is always a key to success. Don’t forget those trusty ‘ol planners and calendars and write down deadlines so you can visually see when you need to get things done. It’s super important to get everything in on time even though you may only have a couple more months left of school.

8 Ways To Get Through Your Senioritis; Planner

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3. Always Think About What You Have Worked So Hard For

All those years of hard work to be able to graduate with good grades took a lot of time and dedication, so finish this year off with a bang! You can do it, just always remember the big prize at the end. Graduation, a diploma, oh and of course, a well-deserved summer break!

8 Ways To Get Through Your Senioritis; Graduation

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4. Enjoy All Moments Of Your Senior Year

Your senior year of high school will without a doubt be one of the most memorable moments of your life. Stay on track but also don’t forget to enjoy your senior year. There’s prom and other fun memories from your last year of high school that you won’t want to forget!

8 Ways To Get Through Your Senioritis; Prom

Source: The Odyssey


5. Colleges Keep An Eye On Your GPA

If you’re having the lack of energy in school, remember this – colleges still keep an eye on your GPA even after they accept you. You still have to keep up your average, submit in final transcripts and a lot of times, financial aid is based off of your full-year grades. Keep up your good work so that colleges will continue to be proud that you’re attending their school.

8 Ways To Get Through Your Senioritis; Studying

Source: The Odyssey


6. Stay Healthy

It’s super important to stay healthy in general and especially these next couple of months. You don’t want to miss class because you’re sick as missing school can also cause you to get behind on schoolwork. Get the proper amount of sleep, eat healthy, and practice positive ways to keep your mind and body healthy.

8 Ways To Get Through Your Senioritis; Gym

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7. Give Yourself Breaks

It’s amazing to study and get all of your work done, but always remember to give some time to yourself as well. Whether it’s a 15-minute break or going out for some fresh air, giving yourself a break will help you feel rejuvenated and be ready to take on any other work you have to complete.

8 Ways To Get Through Your Senioritis; Friends Outdoors

Source: The Odyssey


8. Talk To Friends And Family Members

It’s normal to get stressed over the last couple of months of school, but there is nothing like talking to your friends and family members about how you feel. They either have or are currently experiencing what you are going through and may have other ways that can help you get through your Senioritis.


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