8 YouTubers Who Are Friendship Goals

BFFs for life

We love how the online video-making community has brought so many people together! We always get so happy every time we see some of our favorite YouTube stars hanging out with each other and even making some awesome collabs.

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Here are eight YouTubers who are #FriendshipGoals. Can we please be their BFF too?

1. Niki DeMartino and Alisha Marie

Two of our favorite ladies just so happen to be BFFs – what could get better than that?! Niki DeMartino and Alisha Marie are total babes and their friendship is one that can’t be beat. They even have a cute ship name: #Niklisha. Also, we have to add that these two girls totally slayed Coachella together.

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2. Lauren Elizabeth and Claudia Sulewski

We seriously can’t stop obsessing over the fact that these two beauties are best-friends. Lauren Elizabeth and Claudia Sulewski are phenomenal YouTube stars, actresses, and fashion icons and they always know how to have some of the most unforgettable times with each other.


3. The “Savage Squad

These fabulous ladies prove themselves to be the ultimate BFFs and they even have an epic name for their squad! The “Savage Squad” consists of some of our fave baes including Teala Dunn, Sierra Furtado, Eva Gutowski and Meredith Foster. Whether it’s hitting up a music festival or enjoying a girls’ day, these mega babes always have a memorable time with each other.

| Take me back to Coachella. 😍 Tag your squad

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4. Jc Caylen and Kian Lawley

These two are #BrosForLife – they even have a Youtube channel dedicated to videos they do together. Needless to say, Jc Caylen and Kian Lawley are always the life of the party and there is never a dull moment when they’re around.

U ready to get fuckin crazy Dublin!?! | @ownthelight

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5. Mikey Murphy and Luke Korns

Seeing these two together always makes us smile so big! We’re definitely crushing on Mikey Murphy and Luke Korns and we get double the eye-candy every time these best-friends are hanging out with each other. We live for their friendship!


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6. Jenn McAllister and Jack Baran

Best-friends who slay together, stay together. Jenn McAllister and Jack Baran have been the greatest friends since day 1. We can see how much fun they have with each other through all of their magnificent Instagram posts. We’d love to join them on one of their adventures someday soon!

my day 1

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7. The “O2L” Guys

Prepare to get all the #feels – one of the greatest groups of best-friends definitely has to be O2L. We love how Ricky Dillon, Jc Caylen, Trevor Moran, Kian Lawley and Sam Pottorff all continue to be the best of friends and they hang out with each other anytime they can. It’s so fantastic to see how they all support one another no matter what.


8. Lauren Riihimaki and Alex Wassabi

Not only are these two #CoupleGoals, but they’re also amazing best-friends too. It’s always a wonderful thing when your BF / GF is also your number 1 friend. We adore Lauren Riihimaki (aka LaurDIY) and Alex Wassabi. #Cuties


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