An Introvert’s Guide to Parties

You Can Do This

So, you’re the kind of person who’s more excited to marathon a full season of a show in one night than to get dolled up and talk to strangers. It’s cool to be aware that you’re an introvert, because that makes it easier to take care of yourself and conserve your energy. Your close friends will understand when you need alone (or just quiet) time. But being an introvert doesn’t mean you have to ditch every bestie’s birthday party or resign yourself to never meeting another new person. With the right playbook, the parties you dread can become the parties you look forward to.

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Have a Buddy or Two

Attend with a friend or friends who know you well. It’ll put you at ease to have moral support, and they can help guide you to a good time.

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Wear Your Favorite Outfit

And by favorite, I mean something that you feel comfortable and confident in. Stressful situations are not the time to break something in or worse, attempt an entirely new look. You want to attend this party as yourself.

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Find the “Time Out” Room

Scope out the party to find the most chill area. (Try the kitchen first!) This is where you can retreat when the more populated areas start to feel overwhelming. And it’s probably where you’ll find kindred spirits who also prefer quiet conversation. Bonus!

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Stick to Small Groups

Baby steps. Don’t force yourself to dive into the deep end right away. Find a cozy, small group and get comfortable. It’s easier to have a meaningful interaction in those situations, and those are the kind you like anyway, right?

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