7 Areas of Your Life that Could Use Spring Cleaning

Time to throw away everything you don't need

The seasons are changing. The snow is melting and with the sun now peeking through your windows you look around your room and say, “Wow, when did I accumulate so much stuff?” But spring cleaning is not only for your material things. Take a look, and you will realize you can throw away more than just those jeans you never wear anymore. Here are some areas that could use some cleaning:

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1. Your room

Okay, let’s start with the basics. Without really noticing it, we tend to keep a lot of stuff with us that we don’t really use. So take a look at your things and really think about when you actually last used them. If it’s been a while, then you might think about giving them away.

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8 Areas of Your Life that Could Use Spring Cleaning: grey's anatomy

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2. Your closet

When was the last time you wore that denim jacket? Does that pair of shoes even fit anymore? Is that tank top even yours? We tend to wear our favorite clothes, and after a while, forget about the other things we have in our closets. If you haven’t worn it in, say a year, you probably won’t again.

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3. Your diet

The start of a new year or season is the perfect time to try and eat healthier. Try including more fruits and veggies into your diet, and drinking lots of water. Remember, eating well is feeling well.


4. Your routine

How efficient are you in the morning? How much do you dread your morning commute? If the little in-between moments of the day drag you down, you may want to try and add or cut off things from your routine. Maybe take a fifteen minute walk every morning or start listening to a podcast on the way to school. Add a break or change your shower to night time. Whatever makes your day smoother.

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5. Your free time

Contrary to what a lot of people think, there are enough hours in the day. Sometimes it may feel like too many. But you can totally do worthwhile things with your time. You can start hitting the gym a couple of times a week, or catch up on that TV show everyone is talking about, or read that novel you’ve always wanted to. Do something that makes you look forward to that time.

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6. Your dating life

Maybe you’ve never tried dating apps, or maybe you’ve relied on them too much. Maybe it’s time you ask that special someone out, or stop stringing along the person that doesn’t interest you. But you want to go into the new season with clear eyes and a clearer heart. Don’t be with people that are going to hurt you.

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7. Your friend circle

Friendships change and evolve. You don’t need to keep being friends with people forever. If you feel a friendship has run its course, it’s okay to let it go. At the same time, try to go out and meet new people. Who knows? Maybe your next BFF is waiting just around the corner.

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