Beach Accessories You Need This Summer

Complete the Perfect Look for Paradise

If life’s a beach and we’re just playing in the sand, let’s make sure we do it right. Bathing suits are obvi an essential item for any beach outing, but we can’t forget the other (almost) equally significant pieces to perfect your sun soaked look. Here are your beach accessory essentials for this summer.

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Cool Cactus Tumblr

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! I sound like a mom, but hydration is super important during a hot day — so you might as well do it in style. Check out this really neat collab between Tiffany Cooper and Sunny Life and the cool beach accessories they dreamt up (including this tumblr) here!

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Must Have Beach Accessories; Cool Cactus Tumblr

Source: Sunny Life


The Perfect Towel

The one key thing absolutely necessary to complete your beach aesthetic. Circle towels are still killing it at beaches everywhere, so make sure you don’t leave home with one! Here are some that we love!


A Good Book

The perfect way to relax on the beach. Check out this rocking reading list for some inspo!

I put my symptoms into #webmd, and it turns out I just need to be on a beach reading

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Trendy Cooler Bag

No one wants to be that person barely surviving and definitely not thriving, as they lug one of those huge coolers onto the beach. Literally no one. Ever. Invest in one of these dope, trendy and manageable coolers instead and protect your dignity!!

Must Have Beach Accessories; Trendy Cooler Bag



FRENDS Headphones

If you’re someone that’s gonna get those summery highlights from the sun perfectly interspersed throughout your hair (and also if you’re not), you’ll want the perfect headphones to compliment your ~beachy~ waves. Shop the look on We Are FRENDS here!


Zinka Colored Nosecoat and Sunscreen

I couldn’t not include a plug for protection from the sun. Try out this colorful nosecoat and lip balm to protect your skin in a super fun, rocking way.

The beautiful @silviaquental in #zinkasunscreen

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Wide Brimmed Hat

If you’re looking for further trendy sun protection, a breathable, stylish wide brimmed hat is 100% the move. Check out a couple of hat options here!