6 Tips on How to Handle Being the New Girl at School

You got this

6 Tips on How to Handle Being the New Girl at School


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The start of the new school year is hard enough, but it’s even harder — not to mention nerve-wrecking and scary — when you’re starting school as the new girl. Although change can be difficult at first, it can also be an adventure! You get to experience new things and meet new awesome people, which is pretty exciting.

With the following tips, together with a positive attitude, you can definitely rock your status as “the new girl”.


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1. Be On Time

This is especially important on the first day of school. Showing up late to class with everyone staring at you is only going to make you feel even more awkward. Make sure to set your alarm the night before and give yourself enough time to get to school.


2. When in Doubt, Smile

Even if you’re on the shy side, a smile can go a long way when you’re meeting people for the first time. It shows you’re a friendly, positive person, which is always an attractive quality for new potential friends (and baes). If you don’t know how to break the ice with someone, flashing your pearly whites and a quick “Hi, my name is___” will do the trick.


3. Join Clubs and Activities That Interest You

Being a part of an extracurricular activity is a great and easy way to connect with people who share similar interests as you. So be sure to sign up for allll the clubs that strike your fancy. Even if you don’t end up following through with each of them, at least give yourself the option to experience a bit of everything. Keeping busy as the new girl is always a good thing because, this way, you won’t even have the time to truly feel your newness (and awkwardness).


4. Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Whether it’s where to eat lunch or where the gymnasium is, reach out to your peers and/or teachers for help. No one expects you to know everything your first day, or even week. Asking questions is also a great conversation starter — especially for that hottie who sits behind you in math class.


5. Branch Out

During your first couple of weeks at school, it’s important to branch out and explore as many interests and social circles as possible. As much as it’s exciting to meet your first true friend, it’s also important to not close yourself off right away. You might be closing yourself off from meeting even more new besties!


6. It’s OK to Feel Awkward at Times

You already forgot a bunch of people’s names and you still don’t know where all your classes are. This is totally fine. Everything is new to you, so it’s normal for you to feel confused or frustrated or just out of place. Remember, with time, those feelings will eventually pass. Until then, if you need to pretend to text someone to avoid an awkward interaction or you need to take a moment alone to chill, feel free. You’ll feel like a boss quicker than you think.