BETCH, You Don’t Know My Holiday Life

Holiday Q&A with Betches Maddy and Monica

We asked Betches Maddy Whitby and Monica Sherer (AKA MadMoni), to share some of their holiday likes, dislikes, and memories. Needless to say, the comedic duo had some funny moments to share.

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1. What is the best childhood Christmas gift that you’ve ever received?

MAD: When I was in the 6th grade, I got my first cell-phone. A shiny, pink RAZR (YES. A RAZR, I’M HASHTAG OLD) that my mom hung on the tree like an ornament. I knew something was up when the tree started ringing. Best 2005 surprise ever. I miss that thing.

MONI: When I was in 7th grade, my dad got me a 1st generation iPod. I had never seen one, I didn’t understand how it worked, and all I wanted was a Walkman. I now realize that my dad was cool and ahead of the times and I should have been more grateful and LOOK HOW THICK IPODS USED TO BE.

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A Betch Holiday: Q & A w/ Mad and Moni: big

2. What is your all-time favorite holiday song? (okay to have more than one!)

MAD: Every song on Hanson’s “Snowed In” album. And did you hear they’re making a SECOND ONE?! asdfjk;asdfjkl;fdsaklja;jlkad AODFJKDSF:JLJDSFadlfjasdfkljsasdivniallkj;dfj;

MONI: Carol of the Bells because I can play it on the piano like a bo$$, and Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas” because duh.

A Betch Holiday: Q & A w/ Mad and Moni: boss

3. What is your favorite part about the holidays?


A Betch Holiday: Q & A w/ Mad and Moni: friends feelin myself


Quick Fire Questions! 

A Betch Holiday: Q & A w/ Mad and Moni: oh shit

Santa’s cookies: Sugar or Gingerbread? 

MAD: SUGAR. OBV. But only if my grandma makes ’em.


Christmas Tree: Real or Fake? 

MAD: Let’s make a compromise here. We’ll do a fake tree AS LONG AS I can have a Christmas Tree scented CANDLE to go with it. Less hassle. Much Merry.

MONI: REAL! Always real. You don’t have to store it anywhere when it isn’t Christmas, and picking out the perfect one is such a happy tradition. AND THE SMELL, MADDY. YOU CAN’T RECREATE THAT WITH A CANDLE.


Tinsel: Totally or Tacky? 

MAD: Totally tinsel. All of the tinsel. Monica would wear tinsel as a shirt.

MONI: I would wear tinsel as a shirt.

Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer or Frosty the Snowman? 

MAD: RUDOLPH. He and my dogs would be best friends.

MONI: Rudolph! Specifically, CLAYMATION Rudolph. That movie is one of my all-time favs.

MAD: Fact: Monica loves Claymation.


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