Body Language Tips to Help Snag Your Crush


They say action speaks louder than words, and that’s totally true when it comes to body language. And it’s especially true whenever you’re hanging out with your crush. Without us even realizing it, we are constantly giving off all kinds of signals with our body that indicate how we’re feeling. From feeling happy to nervous to upset, our bodies speak VOLUMES about what’s going on the inside.

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So how can you use your body language to tell your crush that you’re into him without actually “telling” him? Here are some easy tips on how to help snag your crush — without saying a word.


1. The Eyes Have It

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The expression “the eyes are the window into the soul” is basically everything you need to know about your peepers: they’re powerful, so use them accordingly. First, make eye contact with your desired bae. Hold his gaze for about 5 seconds (longer than that will make you look creepy). Then look back again, and do a quick scan of his face — this indicates interest. Look away, and repeat once more. And don’t forget to smile!


2. Lean In

We have a natural tendency to move closer to someone, or something, we like. Next time you’re sitting beside your crush, make sure you’re leaning towards him either with your head, or body. This gives off an “I’m interested in whatever you’re saying” vibe. On the flip side, when you pull back or sit away from him, you’re saying, “I’m not interested.” If you’re feeling bold, you might want to lean in and whisper something funny in his ear. That move = MAJOR flirty vibes.


3. Play With Your Hair

This is a classic flirty move for a reason — it works like magic. Slowly run your fingers through your hair, or pull your hair back behind your ears. You can even try flipping your hair once or twice (more than that isn’t recommended). Afterwards, trail your fingers back and forth across your collarbone, or move your necklace back and forth. This will no doubt get your crush’s attention.


4. Mirror His Body Language

We tend to be more attracted to people who we feel we sync up with. Someone who just gets us. Mirroring your crush’s body language is an awesome technique to help with this. Whenever your guy leans, you lean in. When he pulls back, you pull back. When he gives you some heavy duty eye contact, you shoot him some back. By doing this, you’re showing him that you understand him, which is a huuuuge turn-on for guys.


5. Touch Him (Appropriately)

This is a move that has to be used under the right circumstances because everyone has boundaries, and you certainly don’t want to cross them. Howeverrrrrr, most people like touch and respond to it in a positive way, because it can make the person being touched feel special. So when your crush is in the middle of a funny story, consider touching him lightly on the arm. It’ll make him feel special, and everyone likes to feel special.