The Best Ways to Bond With Your New Roommate

#4 find the best coffee shop in town

10 Things to Do to Bond With Your New Roommate


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Sometimes, you luck out; your new roomie and you connect instantaneously. You’re like PB&J or Meredith and Christina. Other times, your budding friendship can be a slow burn. If you’re experiencing the latter, fret not, we’ve got just the thing for you. Here are 10 things to do with your new roommate to promote some serious bonding.

1. Go accent shopping for your room 

Is there any better place to bond with someone than Target? Nope. Instead of going shopping together for the boring essentials like a shoe organizer or a shower caddy, we say wait until your room is all set up, and then head to Target to buy some adorable accent purchases. Pick out some throw pillows, cute matching mugs, and maybe some great scented candles to make your room more like a home.

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P.S. Brb, gotta run to Target and buy everything.

2. Throw a board game night 

While you’re out shopping with your new roomie, pick up some good ole fashion board/card games, and then throw a game night for your hall. There’s just something about silly, technology free fun that brings everyone together. We suggest, Apples to Apples, Scattergories, Cards Against Humanity, and Pictionary.

3. Check out your school‘s sporting events

Look, your school does not have to be good at sports to have fun watching them. My school had a horrible football team, but my roomie and I had such a blast going to games, people watching and cheering like idiots. Grab your roommate and some nachos and check out anything from a girls lacrosse match to the classic football game. Building school spirit together will instantly bond you.

4. Find the best coffee shop in town 

Take a Saturday to hop from coffee shop to coffee shop in hopes of finding the perfect spot. You can rate the places based on taste of coffee, if it’s a good spot for studying, how annoying the background music is, if they have your seasonal favorites, and how cute the baristas/baristos are. What? You gotta have something nice to look at when you’re spazzed on caffeine and stressed from studying.

5. Do something touristy

While going to sporting events will definitely help in the school spirit department, another great way to bond is to discover the new town or city you’re living in. Find the most touristy thing to do in your town and make a day of it!

6. Cook something together 

If you have a kitchen, cook dinner together! Cooking is a great way to get to know each other naturally because you have something to do with your hands to cut the awkwardness but you’re not SO distracted you can’t talk. And if you don’t have a kitchen, no worries! Test out these snacks you can make right in your dorm room, and find your favorite one.

7. Go hiking 

Like cooking, hiking is another great thing you can do together. You can easily chat but the awkwardness is eased because you have an end destination. It’s also a great way to escape from campus, which at times can feel claustrophobic, and soak up some nature. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that you’re getting some exercise in! Hello, endorphins!

8. Binge a show together

No, you cannot rewatch all of The Office together. We know you’ve seen every episode like 17 times. Pick a show neither of you have seen and start from the beginning. Getting hooked on new characters together will get you two to bond instantly. Maybe pick a show that was popular a while ago. May we humbly suggest The O.C., Gilmore Girls, Dawson’s Creek, Will & Grace, Freaks and Geeks, and Friday Night Lights.

9. DIY night

A night in crafting… maybe while bingeing one of the new shows you two are hooked on? Sounds like prime bonding to me. Hit your local Michaels, get all your supplies (and candy, you def need candy), and stay in for the night. We recommend a cool DIY jean jacket project. Here’s some inspo:

10. Give back together

Find something the two of you are both passionate about and give back. Maybe it’s keeping our beaches clean. Maybe it’s helping homeless youth. We’re sure there’s an organization in your new city that needs your help. Or maybe, set up a fundraiser yourselves! Giving back already ignites all those positive feelings and doing it together will certainly bond you.

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