6 Fun and Free Things to Do to Celebrate Earth Day

Show your love for Mother Earth

April 22 is Earth Day. It’s our annual reminder to appreciate our awesome planet, including all the amazing things it provides for us (H20! Air! Wildlife!). While loving Earth is something we should be doing on the reg, it never hurts to be reminded about the beauty and majesty of Mother Nature — and it’s never too late to do your part.

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Below are six super easy and cool activities to do for Earth Day, and any other day of the year. Because it really IS easy being green.


1. Learn More

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We get it. Doing some extra research and homework isn’t exactly what you want to do in your spare time. But educating yourself about the environment and its problems is the first step in helping protect the planet. Learn more about climate change, fracking, and endangered species and how it affects the world around you. Websites like the official Earth Day website and WWF.org are great places to start.


2. Plant a Tree

Trees are awesome. We need them to help cool our Earth, while they also provide us with clean air and oxygen – plus they’re gorge. Take part in the Trees for the Earth, an initiative that has pledged to plant 7.8 billion trees by Earth Day 2020. That adds up one tree for every person on the planet! Plant one in your own backyard, or join a local volunteer group and create a community garden.


3. Go to a Thrift Store

Instead of trashing your old clothes, donate them to a local shelter or thrift shop. Recycling unwanted clothing not only reduces landfill waste but it also lessens the demand for resources that are needed to produce new clothing. If you’re in the mood for an outfit, think of checking out your local thrift store first. It’s cheaper, environmentally-friendly, and #vintage!


4. Ride Your Bike

If you’re meeting with your squad on Saturday, opt to ride your bike over to the movies instead of driving. It’s not only super healthy, but it also reduces your carbon footprint, which means you’re responsible for less carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere. If it’s raining, choose to car pool or ride public transportation. Every little bit does help!


5. Cook an Earthy Meal

Invite your friends over for an Earth Day feast and use a menu that only consists of locally produced food. Food from grocery stores travel an average of 1,500 miles to get to where you live, which adds up to a lot of pollution and fossil fuels. That’s why it’s always a better choice to shop at a farmer’s market. For the most earth-friendly meal, make it totally plant-based since more than 1/3 of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. are due to factory farming (where most of our meat comes from). There are tons of yummy and easy vegan meal ideas online, so don’t be afraid to explore!


6. Attend an Earth Day Event

There are tons of Earth Day events happening across the country. From festivals to local cleanups, there are many opportunities to get involved and share your love for the planet with others in your community. Check earthday.org to find events that are happening around you, and don’t forget to invite your friends and fam to join you. The more we all do our part for the planet, the better it is for everyone.