Celebs You Need To Follow on Instagram Right Now

You're Gonna Want These in Your Feed

Who wouldn’t want Chrissy Teigen’s homecooked meals, Vanessa’s trendy style and Shay’s breathtaking adventures around the world to be the last thing you see before you fall asleep at night and then the thing that puts a smile on your face every morning. Am I in a relationship with my insta feed?? Lmk.

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Here are a few celebs that are worth the follow on Instagram.

Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid)

Lol yeah this wouldn’t be a real list without Gigi, so let’s just start with that. If you haven’t already checked it out, her insta is essentially a compilation of all her work + the occassional bts into Gigi’s life. The legends that inspire her, glamorous modeling pics, Zayn, her down time, etc. She shares it all.

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by @karllagerfeld Harper's Bazaar November Issue 👛💕

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Vanessa Hudgens (@vanessahudgens)

That aesthetic tho 👌🏻 In October, Baby V’s insta switched to entirely entirely black and white and it’s legit af. But current aesthetic aside, Vanessa hits you constantly with hella artsy posts showcasing adventures in ~nature~, her #flawless fashion sense, the beau and tons of other peeks into the life of Vanessa.  Can anyone say, “I Want It All”??

The witches way is the best way ❤️

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hello weekend 🚗 #labordayweekend pc📸 @collagevintage

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Shay Mitchell (@shaym)

*Que the wanderlust* Shay is all about the travels. If the world is your oyster and you just want to explore (while looking bomb at the same time, obvi), then this is the account for you. Yeah, sometimes I jet off to Bali for the weekend too…lol I wish. But for real, everyone could use a little daily dose of Shay in their life. She rocks.


Kylie Jenner (@kyliejenner)

In this day and age its pretty hard not to have at least one member of the Kardashian Jenner clan in your feed at all times. My personal fav is Kylie (might just be cause of the lip kit announcements idk). I think if I’ve learned anything as one of her loyal followers, it’s that she’s got the selfie game on lock. Def hit her up with the follow for lots of selfie and fashion inspo.

happy almost birthday @jordynwoods ⭐️

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Amanda Steele (@amandasteele)

A pretty real look at Amanda modeling and then at Amanda just being Amanda. She’s kind of a baller and not only cause she looks amazing and her edgy style is always on point, but also cause she’s not afraid to throw up some pics sans makeup, which is pleasantly refreshing in this day and age.

didn't they tell you that i was a savage??

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Danielle Bernstein (@weworewhat)

Impeccable style. Danielle is a fashion blogger on her site weworewhat.com, but she features a lot of rocking high fashion looks on her instagram. If you’re into clothes and style, this is an account you want to be following.

TWO DAYS • @secondskinoveralls

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Florals for Fall 👌🏻 @altuzarra

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Chloe Grace Moretz (@chloegmoretz)

If you’re looking for a celeb that has an instagram presence more similar to your own…look no further. Chloe’s got a super fun mix of family and friends pics combined with a decent amount of political posts and naturally some classic celeb stuff thrown in there too. But, its not just pictures of models and unrealistic lifestyles for the average instagrammer, so check her out!!

#TVYoungHollywood @teenvogue

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Chrissy Teigen

FOOOOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD. Nobody does homemade meals better than Chrissy Teigen and that’s a fact. She’s a super trendy, gorgeous, model mom who not only seems to have her life more together than mine will ever be, but who also manages to capture it all on the gram. Aka there’s an added bonus to the food: tons of adorableee baby pics. Definitely worth your time.

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