10 Of Our Fave YouTube Stars At Coachella Weekend One

They totally rocked it

Coachella weekend one just took place this past weekend and needless to say, it totally was the trending topic. We were having some serious #FOMO seeing all of our favorite celebrities enjoying their time at the music festival and hearing about all of the unforgettable performances from phenomenal musicians including Lady Gaga, Kendrick Lamar, and more.

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We were all able to feel like we were (virtually) at Coachella thanks to all of the amazing posts that we saw on Instagram, so we’re recapping 10 of our fave YouTube stars who had a blast at Coachella weekend one. Can they please take us along with them next time?!

1. Lauren Elizabeth

Our girl Lauren Elizabeth totally slayed Coachella weekend one. She looked so chic and definitely rocked all of her Coachella outfits. Plus, Lauren even brought us all along with her during her fun time at Coachella as she took over AwesomenessTV’s Snapchat. It looked like she had a blast and we’re def craving the acai bowl that she had.

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2. Jenn McAllister

Can we please have every single one of Jenn McAllister’s outfits that she wore to Coachella?! Jenn looked so beautiful at Coachella and we were #living for all of her posts she shared of her incredible time at the festival.


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3. Lele Pons

Lele Pons looked so flawless at Coachella rocking different color hairdos each of the three days. She definitely was one of the “Best Dressed” at Coachella and it looks like she had an unforgettable time attending the festival with her friends. She also even got to go up on the Coachella stage with the DJ, Marshmello.

GREEEN QUEEN 🐸💚🌴 (Comment your favorite green emoji) makeup: @lou_flores

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4. Rickey Thompson

Oh, you know – just three of our favorite YouTubers hanging out together and looking so extraordinary at Coachella. We can’t get enough of this awesome photo of Rickey Thompson, Bretman Rock, and Denzel Dion at Coachella. #SquadGoals


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5. Claudia Sulewski

The one and only Claudia Sulewski looked super cute beating the heat at one of the many fantastic Coachella parties. Look at how adorable she looks enjoying some pool time!

no worries, no stress, man it feels good🌸💦 @revolve #RevolveFestival #ad

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6. Niki DeMartino

BRB, totally fan-girling over the fact that two of our faves met and snapped this super great picture together. We’re so thrilled that Niki DeMartino and Halsey finally met. We also absolutely loved Niki DeMartino’s phenomenal Coachella looks.


7. Griffin Arnlund

Can we take a moment because Griffin Arlund looks like absolute perfection in this photo. She always looks so spectacular and we felt like we were living vicariously through her and her excellent time at Coachella.


8. Jack Baran

We’re getting some major Coachella vibes from all of Jack Baran’s exceptional posts. Can we hang out with Jack Baran and jam out to some terrific music at Coachella? Please and thank you.


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9. Jessie Paege

Dancing the night away at Coachella with Jessie Paege – where can we sign up?! Jessie Paege always gives us some magical mermaid vibes and she never fails to impress us all with her vibrant and remarkable OOTDs. We literally can’t choose our fave Coachella outfit of hers because we love them all.

still don't believe I'm a mermaid¿?

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10. Mia Stammer

We are loving Mia Stammer’s pretty pink hair she rocked at Coachella. Her smile always makes us smile.