Coffee Addicts Need This Travel Mug

It brews K-Cups on the go 😍

If you are both very busy and very addicted to coffee (for *some* reason, there seems to be a lot of overlap between those two groups), then you need to know about this new travel mug. Cosmopolitan brought our attention to the AnyCafé Travel Brewer, which lets you brew your favorite K-Cups on the go.

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It’s a life-changing addition to your morning routine (aka one more snooze you can hit on your alarm before you roll out of bed). The mug is the brainchild of a team of engineers from Western New England University and works just like your Keurig. You just pop the top, add the K-Cup and some water, and you’re ready to brew.

If you want this cup, you need to act now. The company is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter with a Dec. 13 goal to raise the funds they need to make this dream come true a mass produced reality. If you back the project with $59, it covers the cost of pre-ordering a mug, which you’ll probably receive in fall of 2017, based on the company’s current estimates.

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