13 Reasons Why Crawford Collins Is Our #MCM

Watch him in 'Guidance' season 3

13 Reasons Why Crawford Collins Is Our #MCM


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Guidance” is our favorite binge-worthy show, and now we have one more reason as to why it’s our absolute fave — Crawford Collins. Collins has joined the cast of the show’s third season, and here are thirteen reasons why we know we’re going to have tons of heart-eye emojis every time we see him on our screens.

1. He’s a total hottie

Just look at that face! Excuse us while we go swoon over Crawford Collins all day, every day.

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EDC was lit🤘🏻 So many good people and good vibes. @edc_lasvegas

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2. He’s an awesome YouTuber

Crawford Collins shares the most fun and exciting videos on his channel. From challenge videos to taking us along on his adventures in Morocco — we can’t stop smiling when watching his videos.

I'm bored so i'm gonna respond to comments😝🤘🏻

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3. He’s super close with his family

Any guy who has a great bond with his family is the kind of guy we love! Crawford Collins has a great relationship with his family, as he’s always spending time with his siblings Chris, Kirsten and Karisma. They are #FamilyGoals!


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4. He has a fantastic squad of friends

Crawford Collins has a great group of friends… who just so happen to be some of our favorite YouTubers! We’re loving this pic of Crawford’s fun time at Disneyland with his brother Chris, Brent Rivera, Teala Dunn, Eva Gutowski and Meredith Foster. Can we pretty please join them next time?!

It's Thursday so here's a throwback to Disneyland with these kids😛

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5. He has the greatest smile

LBH, our hearts melt every time we see Crawford Collins’ beautiful, million dollar smile. We could seriously just stare at it all day.


6. Him and his brother are besties

We love how Crawford and Chris have such a great bromance and always have each other’s backs. This definitely has to be one of our favorite pics of the Collins bros. Such heart-throbs!!

My brother and best friend🤘🏻

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7. He’s super stylish

Crawford’s OOTDs are always on point… he’s probably one of the most fashionable guys we know. Actually, he’s definitely one of the most fashionable guys we know.


8. He’s a Snapchat king

We love to keep up with Crawford Collins, especially by watching his snaps! I mean, who doesn’t like seeing him with the oh, so cute puppy dog filter?!

Again with the dog filter… my bad😝🐶 (Snapchat saw it 1st)

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9. He’s so nice to all of his fans

Crawford Collins is literally so kind and so sweet to all of his fans. Wherever he might be, he always is sure to take the time to stop and take a photo with a fan. He always shows gratitude and appreciation towards his fans, and we think that’s pretty amazing.

Fan luv❤️ (insert Dj Khaled voice🔑)

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10. He’s a great role model

It’s awesome to see how Crawford Collins uses his platform for good. He’s always posting encouraging tweets and never fails to put a big smile on our face every time we scroll through his Instagram.

The sun gives me mad freckles

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11. He posts the best selfies

We’d be lying if we didn’t say that we look forward to Crawford’s new selfies. I mean, how swoon-worthy is he?!

It's been a minute since i've posted a selfie so here's one😝

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12. He’s adventurous

It’s clear to see that Crawford Collins loves to live life and make unforgettable memories. From hanging out with a giraffe (as seen in this amazing photo) to traveling around the world and going to super cool concerts and festivals, Crawford makes the most of each day and loves to share that positivity with everyone around him.

This is Stanley. Stanley has a long ass tongue😂 (📸: @ninety5shoots )

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13. He’s super hard-working

Crawford Collins puts so much passion into everything that he works on. He’s super talented and he definitely deserves all of his successes. We know he will do such a brilliant job in “Guidance” season 3.

Nights in LA⚡️

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