Cutest Instagram Pets Ever

Get ready to "Squeee!"

Everyone (even my mother) has heard of Lil BUB. That dwarfish cat not only stole the social-media spotlight, she even has her own eye-popping, tongue-lolling store. But there are other adorable animals who deserve space on your Instagram feed. Ready for your heart to burst from all the feels?

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1. Pumpkin The Raccoon

Not only do I want to hug this domesticated raccoon, I want to be this domesticated raccoon. As a baby, Pumpkin was rescued by the Kemp family in the Bahamas. Since then, she’s been living the life: soaking up the sun in the family pool, chilling with the family’s two dogs, and nomming on all the avocados. Who knew raccoons could make such awesome pets? The only ones I’ve met dig through my garbage.

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2. Yogurt the Pirate

This one-eyed doggy makes me want to say “Awww” instead of “Arghhh!” True, this chihuahua might not be the fiercest pirate who has ever lived, but Yogurt is definitely the cutest. Anyone who says differently can walk the plank! Or clean the poop deck! Okay, okay, enough pirate puns. Let’s take a moment to appreciate this Bangkok-based Instagram sensation:

Yogurt the bear

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3. Disneyland Cats

Technically, these cats aren’t pets. But I like to call them the “unofficial pets of Disneyland.” These feral critters call Disneyland Anaheim their home. While it’s odd that the House of Mouse hosts Mickey’s mortal enemy, no one seems to mind. In fact, park guests that nab a feline photo are encouraged to email it to so DisneylandCats can post it (with photo credit) to their page. Here’s a credited photo of Vertiline the Cat sunning in the park:


4. Lionel The Hedgehog

Pocket-sized pets contain more cuteness than their little bodies can hold, which is why this hedgehog just broke the Internet! Lionel is adorbs everywhere: squeezing into a coffee mug, floating on a flamingo, or sleeping on a jar of Nutella. Here, Lionel looks super sweet on this ice cream cone. Can I get two scoops, please?

When you're sassy and sweet 👅🍦 // Tag someone

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5. Freya Ever After

Beauty comes in all sizes, including greyhound size. Long and elegant, Freya strikes some fierce poses that rival Tyra Banks. Freya’s furry siblings also make cameos on Freya’s feed, because Freya isn’t the only top dog model.


6. Jamon The Pig

This mini-pig from Brazil reminds me of Wilbur from “Charlotte’s Web.” He’s sweet, full of life, and always ready to put on a show. And Jamon has a costume for every occasion. This pig is ready to fly.


7. Adventure Cats

Look! Look! A cat on a boat! That’s not the only daring feat the Adventure Cats undertake. These fearless felines hike, camp, and paddle board alongside their equally adventurous owners. The Adventure Cats Instagram features a variety of cats and their humans exploring the great outdoors. They’re on a mission to show cat owners how “your cat can live nine lives to the fullest.” And if you own an adventure cat, tag your photos @adventurecatsorg to be featured on their site.

Adventures are best when shared. #AdventureCats 📷 by @boltandkeel.

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If you follow any interesting animals, please share in the comments! And let me know what you think of my pet picks.