Deck the Halls Of Your Room For Cheap This Holiday Season

Give your room a holiday makeover

The holidays are finally here, and you can’t wait to start decorating….but is your wallet ready?

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Tis the season to make your room extra festive without breaking the bank.

Pillows Are Your Cute And Cuddly Best friends 

Think of your bed as your center piece. It’s the first thing you see when you walk into your room so make sure you add in cozy holiday vibes to tie everything together. Change up the sheets to maybe some nice plaid ones and add some festive pillows. Pillows give your bed an entire new look and feel. You can make your own pillows using the ugly Christmas sweater you wouldn’t dare wear or by following Pinterest guides. They are easy to make and definitely a low cost project that you can have fun with.

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Deck the Halls Of Your Room For Cheap This Holiday Season: pillows

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Candle Scented Everything 

You can’t feel the holidays without smelling it. Candles always put you in a great festive mood, so why not fill your room with peppermint goodness and the holiday scents of your dreams? You can make your own candles or buy some from your local dollar store and create decorations that you can place them in.

Lights, Candles, Action 

Once your candles are in place, it’s time for some lighting…Because lighting is everything! Unless you’re an electrician these are a bit hard to make on your own, but you can find great deals on hand me down apps like 5miles, Letgo, or even find great deals at Walmart or Target. Get creative with your lighting and have it hanging through your ceiling, around your bed, or come up with something else to light up. You can find great deals on Christmas lights this time of year, and hanging them on your walls will transform your room into a festive Christmas cave!

Keep The Festivities Going With  Accessories

You definitely need to keep the festivities going and accessorize, accessorize, oh and accessorize! Make the holidays your own and create things that you think would be a great touch. You can spray paint some pine cones, add a mini tree, add some plaid, decorate with ornaments, more lights, and maybe add some snowflakes around your walls.


Give these ideas a try and add your own unique twists. However you decide to give your room a holiday makeover, make sure you have fun getting in the spirit, and you can always watch the video below for some more inspo!