Delicious Thanksgiving Leftovers That Are Oh So Gobbling Good

Thanksgiving doesn't have to end so soon

Thanksgiving goes by so fast (unfortunately) but you don’t have to feel the pain so soon. There are always leftovers that you can work with to create new meals that will have people wondering if they really are leftovers, including yourself. Here are some ways to keep thanksgiving alive post-Thanksgiving.

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Turkey Overload – What to do with all that Turkey?!

Turkey Salsa Burrito Bowl
We are all about the turkey salsa burrito bowl! Discover your hidden burrito making talents featuring your turkey.

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Turkey Salad
Time to keep it healthy because let’s be real, New Year’s is almost here and we still haven’t kept up with our New Year’s resolution.

Turkey Sloppy Joes
Because sloppy is always fun.


The Side Dish..or Dishes

Cranberry Mayonnaise
Combining Mayo and Cranberry is the ultimate way to give life to your sandwich.

Shepherds Pie
You can mash your potatoes in this pile of fun.

Thanksgiving Pizza
Pizza is definitely something to be thankful for, so why not combine it with Thanksgiving? Such a blessing.


Dessert for Days 

Pie Dough Cookies
Dessert usually doesn’t make it to the next day, but imagining it does, you can put that pie dough to good use.

Sweet Potato Spoon Bread with Caramel Pecan 
Sweet potatoes and those sweet caramel pecans go hand in hand.

Cranberry Carrot Muffin
Cranberries and carrots are healthy right? So make that healthy muffin and enjoy it.

Try out these leftover ideas and may your Thanksgiving live on forever.