DIY Gifts Your BFF Will Love

Because your love is bigger than your bank account

The holidays are fast approaching and that means it’s time to get your gift on. But, since that can get very expensive, very fast, sometimes the best way to tackle your holiday shopping list is to embrace your inner Leslie Knope and go the DIY route. Here are ten DIY gift ideas that are perfect for your BFF.

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1. Best Throwback Gift: Friendship Necklaces

So middle school? Maybe. But so cute? Definitely. Check out aCupOfCakeTV‘s tutorial for ADORABLE avocado friendship necklaces.

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2. Best Instagram-themed Gift: Instagram Pillow

Immortalize your year of friendship memories with an Instagram pillow that celebrates your best friendship pics of 2016. CRAFTY AMY has a great tutorial.


3. Best Home Decor Gift: Printed Candles

Does your BFF love making her space special? Consider personalizing a printed candle for her for the holidays. CraftynotShifty has a great (and super easy) tutorial.


4. Best Geek-tastic Gift: Keyboard Cup

Your parents probably have all of the supplies you need for this one stacked in your basement or garage (or wherever they’re keep that olllllllddd 1990s computer that hasn’t worked in years). It’s a perfect gift for a friend that’s proud of her inner geek and Geeky McFangirl can show you how.


5. Best Practical Winter-Friendly Gift: No Sew Fleece Blanket

You don’t have to be an expert seamstress to make your BFF something amazing and cozy. No Sew Fleece blankets are easy to make and your bestie will think of you every time she snuggles under it to keep warm. Check out Show Me Cute‘s tutorial.


6. Sweetest Gift: Dollar Store Candy Jar

If your friend has a sweet tooth and you’re on a tight budget, you’re in luck. This gift is super cute and you can get everything you need for it at the local dollar store. YouTuber roxyfur shows you how to make it.


7. Most Positive Gift: The Happy Jar

If your best friend isn’t big on sweets, consider giving her (or him) the gift of positivity instead. A happy jar is just as easy to make as a candy jar, but instead of delicious treats, you fill it with inspirational notes. Check out KinaaSmallss‘s tutorial for how to make your own. Make sure the notes inside are super personalized to your best friend.


8. Best Long Distance Friendship Gift: Friendship Mug

If your best friend doesn’t live locally, you can remind her that she’s always in your heart with this adorable friendship mug. FromPinToPlay has a great tutorial for how to make your own version of this Etsy staple and your best friend will get to keep you close every morning.


9. Best Creative Gift: Homemade Journal

If your bestie likes to express her creativity, give her a handmade journal. She can write down her beautiful thoughts, draw her beautiful doodles, or express herself pretty much any other way she wants. Plus, these are easy to make and you have most of the supplies at home already. Check out thefrugalcrafter Lindsay Weirich‘s tutorial for how to do it.

10. Best Easy DIY Gifts

AwesomenessTV‘s own Jessica Reid is here for you if you’re not a DIY master. Check out her video below for some super easy last-minute DIYs that might just save your holiday season.


Featured Image Source: YouTube