Dorm Room Hacks That Will Make Your Room The Go-To Place to Hangout

All budget friendly, of course

Dorm Room Hacks That Will Make Your Room The Go-To Place to Hangout


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Just because you’re moving away from home and into an average sized square, doesn’t mean your dorm room shouldn’t be home sweet home. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best dorm room hacks to transform your once drab and sterile new living space into a warm, comfortable, snack-filled oasis. From decorating hacks to organization hacks, we’ve got you covered. And don’t worry, there’s no way you’ll blow your budget with these; they’re all wallet-friendly so you can splurge on that perfect first-day of classes outfit you’ve been eying.

1. The greatest iPhone speaker hack

Music is a must for your dorm room, whether you’re jamming out, relaxing, or need the perfect study playlist. And who needs expensive speakers when you can just put your iPhone in a cup? And if you’re not sure how to put your iPhone in a cup, here’s a tutorial (and proof it works!)

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2. The best decor hack is Washi tape! 

Decorating your dorm room without blowing your budget or painting/nailing things to the wall can get tricky. That’s where Washi tape comes in. It comes in all the colors you’ve dreamed of accenting your room with; plus, it won’t peel off the paint when it’s time to move out. Yay! Now you don’t have to tell your mom that you owe campus housing tons of money.

Here are some of our favorite ideas, but you know what to do. Get on Pinterest and search around for the Washi tape style that fits you the best.

3. Storage hacks 

A non-cluttered room is a happy room. That’s why you’ll want to take advantage of all the storage and organization hacks you can get your hands on.

We love:

This under-bed shoe bag from Bed, Bath, and Beyond for shoe storage. With this, you won’t waste your precious closet space with all those bulky shoes.

This double hanger hack to accommodate all your clothes (just use a soda tab!).

This magnetic makeup board to organize all your makeup:

And this binder clip hack to keep all your cords in order:

4. Snack hacks

Let’s face it. Our favorite thing about most places is most likely the food. But what can you make in your dorm?? ALL of these dorm room recipe hacks, of course! Our favorite is without a doubt the Chocolate Mug Cake. Have some friends all bring a mug over and have a cake party right in your dorm room!

And you can store all your snacks with this shoe organizer snack hack!

5. Get comfy hack

Besides food, what’s the most important thing for a great hang out sesh? Being comfortable. These affordable bean bag chairs will ensure everyone has a seat and is totally comfortable. Plus, they come in an amazing variety of colors so you can match your dorm room aesthetic perfectly.

Welcome home! With all these awesome but budget-friendly dorm room hacks, there’s no way your room won’t become the go-to hangout spot. The next step is making sure you get along with your roommate, but no worries, we’ve got you covered there as well.

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