Dress Your Dog in These Holiday Sweaters

7 Stylish Options for Your Furry Friend

Your dog can look forward to sweater weather too. These options will keep your friend warm and cozy on early morning walks. He or she will be the most stylish dog at the park. And just think of the cute portraits you can take!

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If you’ve never tried to dress your dog and are worried they’ll hate you for it, just give it a try. A lot of dogs actually like the feeling of something tight around them. It makes them feel secure and protected. If your animal attempts to remove the sweater, take if off and give it another try the following day. It takes some getting used to. And seriously, it will be worth it because the only thing cuter than a dog is a dog in a sweater.


1. Buffalo Plaid Hoodie

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Plaid is always in style and looks great on any species. Dress your dog in this lumberjack chic hoodie to keep him or her warm on your next outdoor adventure.


2. Ugly Holiday Sweater

Trendy dogs wear ugly holiday sweaters. Please don’t forget the Santa hat.



3. Cable Knit Turtleneck

A cable knit sweater is a winter must – for you and your dog.


4. Snowflake Sweater

This festive snowflake sweater will win your friend “best dressed dog” at any holiday party.


5. Quilted Puffer

Now your dog can play with you in the snow. Bundle him up in this insulated puffer with a fur lined hood and head out into freezing temps. Booties to protect the paws are a good addition.


6. Sporty Hoodie

Your athletic friend will be the most stylish running buddy on the block in this “Adidog” hoodie.


7. Argyle Sweater with Scarf

Your pup will look precious in this purple and pink argyle sweater. The scarf adds even more cuteness.