Easter Egg Decorating Hacks

Try something new this year

Let’s be honest, making pinterest worthy Easter Eggs with those funky tabs of dye can be a bit of a challenge for those of us that aren’t exactly artistically inclined. But don’t fret, you can still give the Easter bunny a run for its money. Check out these eggcellent, dye-free and super easy Easter egg decorating ideas/hacks below!

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Finger Nail Polish

You might’ve heard of drawing on Easter Eggs with sharpies or just plain markers, but have you ever used nail polish? It’s like the perfect combination of a sharpie-like consistency with any color you have in the cabinet. You can even bring back the water marble trend if you’re looking to go the extra mile.

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Shaving Cream

Who says only kids can have fun playing with shaving cream?!? Def not us! Check out how to make an awesome marbled design using dye and shaving cream here!


Foiled Design

Add a little metallic design to your Easter eggs using only foiling glue and a paint brush (and the eggs, of course). Surprisingly really pretty, while also sticking with the easy DIY theme we’ve got going on. Learn how here!

Easter Egg Decorating Hacks; Foiled Design

Source: HGTV


White Detail

You don’t have to go all out with dyes and stickers to make your Easter eggs look fantastic. Reverse the string trick and just use a white paint pen on plain brown eggs for a classy twist on egg decoration! Find instructions for these and more egg inspo like them right here!

Easter Egg Decorating Hacks; Plain Egg with White Design

Source: Fresh Design Pedia


Geometric Indigo Easter Eggs

If you’re going for a boho chic/indy Easter Egg aesthetic, this is the design for you. This will also make for instagram-able Easter eggs without requiring much effort at all! 100% my kind of decoration. Check out how right here!


Temporary Tattoo Eggs

You can apply them the same way you would if you were putting them on yourself and BAM instant decoration. Perfect for those of us that unfortunately missed the artistic gene.


Emoji Easter Eggs 

A super cute twist on classic egg decorating. Simply dye all the eggs in the basket yellow and then go to town with your sharpie and paint pens! 😉 😍 😝 😎 😊 If you’re feeling extra creative dye a few eggs red, green or blue to transform them into Angry Bird Eggs!