6 Things Every Girl Does When She Has a Crush

#2: Facebook/Insta creep them

6 Things Every Girl Does When She Has a Crush


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Crushes are awesome. They give you butterflies every time you pass them in the hall and it’s so fun to daydream and think up outrageously romantic scenarios that star just the two of you. You basically *live* for the day until they finally say hi to you (which is, obviously, going to be the best day of your life). And when they brush up against you in class? OMG!!

Crushes are the best until they, well, crush you into excessive Netflix bingeing and pizza eating. Until then, here are x (borderline cray) things every girl does when she has a crush.


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1. Give Him a Secret Nickname

How else can you talk/text/Snap your friends about him without the fear of getting caught? The chances of your crush looking at your phone are pretty slim, but WHAT IF he did? WHAT IF he has secret government access and can obtain your obsessed messages about him? The secret nickname is legit necessary. You don’t want your crush revealed until YOU are ready.


2. Facebook/Insta Creep Him

Pretty obvious. This is the only way you can check out his relationship status while also confirming when his birthday is (you have to know his astrological sign after all!). You’ll also look at basically all 756 pictures that he’s ever taken or which have been taken of him. Then you’ll accidentally like a total rando one from 2015. Ugh. So embarrassing.


3. Check Your Phone Obsessively

You not only jump to look at your phone each time your phone buzzes with a notification, but you also check it even when it doesn’t buzz because JUST IN CASE. If you receive a message and it isn’t from your crush? Your heart sinks like the Titanic. But if your crush does Snap you? OMG the BEST feeling in the world is followed by a solid two minutes coming up with the *perfect* message that includes the most deliberate usage of punctuation and emojis EVER.


4. Wear Flirty Outfits On the Reg

Short skirt showing off your gams? Check. Form fitting bodysuit to hug your curves? Check. You’ll make sure your outfits are on point when you know there’s even the *slightest* chance that you’ll run into your crush. In fact, you’ll even hang out at spots where he’s known to chill. Even if you hate basketball, you’re at every single basketball game, front row center.


5. Know Every. Single. Thing. About. Them.

From their fave food to the names of their parents, siblings and goldfish, you know pretty much everything about your crush without even having to talk to him (thanks social media!). Thanks to this information, you’ll create Facebook statuses, tweets and Snaps involving his fave movie and TV show hoping a) he’ll comment and b) he’ll think, “Wow, we’ve got soooo much in common! Obvs we’re meant to be.”


6. You Take Allll the Love Quizzes

They might be a little silly, but if those love quizzes and astrological compatibility charts say you and your crush are a perfect match? Well, that’s all the proof you need!