Explore Downtown LA With The First Amazing Episode Of The “Cool Girl’s Guide”

Take us to The Last Bookstore, please

Want to be a cool girl? Well, that’s a trick question because you totally are one already.

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But if you’re down for some awesome experiences that you will always cherish and want some inspo on fun activities you can do over the weekend, then look no further because AwesomenessTV has you covered with a fabulous series called the “Cool Girl’s Guide.”

If you took a peek at the AwesomenessTV Instagram account, you would’ve caught the first episode of the show where Sara Bethster took us all along with her around Downtown LA. We were able to join her as she roamed the DTLA streets, got some delicious grub, and then headed off to The Last Book store, which is a super #hipster place that you will love spending hours in taking tons of artsy photos. Plus, it’s the greatest place to catch up on a good read and get the vinyl records you’ve been searching all over for.

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One thing that really stuck out to us while watching the episode was when Sara tried out the highest slide in all of Los Angeles. By watching the video, we definitely felt like we were experiencing it along with her, and although we might be scared AF from the heights, we’d love to try it out for an awesome Instagram post. Have to do it for the gram, right?!

Be sure to stay tuned for more new episodes of the “Cool Girl’s Guide” on AwesomenessTV! We can’t wait to see where this excellent show will take us next.

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