Find the Perfect Christmas Gift for Your BFF

They Deserve the Best

It can be harder to pick the perfect gift for your best friend than anyone else on your list. There’s a certain protocol for what to buy for parents and siblings. But if your friends are elevated to the role of family in your life, you know that best friends deserve an equal slot on your gift giving roster. You want to get your BFF something unique to your friendship, and something that they won’t just toss in the closet and forget about. Luckily, there are tons of creative shops selling gifts your BFF will cherish.

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Idlewild Co. Tropicana Pen Set ($10)

If you live far away from your BFF, an adorable pen set is the perfect way to show that you’re committed to keeping in touch. Writing letters may be old fashioned, but it’s also very intimate and personal.  You can keep a handwritten note for years to come, instead of deleting them when your inbox is full! Idlewild Co. sells a lot more than pens; they’re also a resource for greeting cards, calendars, and much more.

Find the Perfect Christmas Gift for your BFF; Idlewild Co Pens

Source: Idlewild Co

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Rifle Paper Co. Global Greetings ($22)

Maybe you’ve dreamed of traveling the world with your best friend, but you both need to follow your career aspirations and get rich first. The next best thing? These greeting cards from Rifle Paper Co., each of which showcases a different city’s culture. Perfect for keeping in touch and planning your future travels. You can also look to Rifle Paper Co. for more adventure themed goods, like a travel journal or this world landmarks phone case.


City Maps from Snap Raster Cartography ($20)

You and your BFF probably have fond memories of the city where you met, the place where you went on an awesome vacation, or even the city where you live now. Whatever your story, a beautifully designed map of a special city is the perfect way to honor your years together. Snap Raster Cartography, an Etsy shop, has maps of Seattle, San Francisco, Portland, New York, Dallas, Redlands, and more, plus a custom option if your favorite city is lesser known. There’s also a plethora of Etsy shops selling maps in tons of different styles, so whatever your taste, you’re bound to find the perfect print.

Leif Double Shell Print ($70) 

If you and your pal are art obsessed, there’s no better way to show you care than with a piece of art that represents your bond. Pick an image that has special meaning to you and your bestie, and she’ll not only get a gorgeous decorative item for her room, but also a reminder that your friendship is unique and irreplaceable.

Find the Perfect Christmas Gift for your BFF; Leif Shell print

Source: Leif