5 Ways to Rock the First Day of Your Summer Internship


5 Ways to Rock the First Day of Your Summer Internship


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Congratulations! You’ve landed your awesome summer internship and now it’s time to embrace your inner #girlboss. With your first day around the corner, you’re probably feeling both super excited and super nervous. Even though jitters are totally normal, you want to make sure they don’t negatively impact your important first impression. After all, you want to prove you deserve the job!

Because the first day of your internship will set the stage for its duration — and because you want to impress your boss — here are five ways to rock your first day.


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1. Do Your Research

Never underestimate the value of research. From proper dress code to who your supervisors will be to the company’s latest news, you want to do your homework before you set foot inside the door. This not only shows your boss that you’re well-prepared and that you take initiative, but it’s also a great way to start small talk in the elevator!


2. Be On Time

Tardiness is a giant NO when it comes to making an awesome first impression. If you have trouble waking up, set a number of alarms, and, as hard as it might be, resist hitting the snooze button! You might also want to consider doing a practice test run of your commute beforehand in order to know how long it will take. And, when in doubt, it’s always better to show up 15 minutes earlier than it is to be late.


3.  It’s Okay to Ask Questions

No one expects you to know everything — especially on your first day — so don’t be afraid to ask tons of questions. Learning the ropes is basically what first days are made for, so make sure to speak up if you don’t understand something or if you need help with anything. Your boss and/or co-workers want to help! Internships are essentially learning experiences, and the best way to learn is asking questions.


4. Ignore Your Phone

This might be the hardest thing to do, but it’s also probably the most important. Just like your teachers found your phone checking annoying in class, your boss will probably not appreciate you Snapping or texting your friends during work hours. If you have to check your phone, wait until your lunch break. Keep in mind that every work environment is different — if others check their phone throughout the day, it might be allowed. But never check your phone in front of a supervisor.


5. Make the Most of Your Lunchtime

If you aren’t sure of the lunch situation at your job — do people eat in a cafeteria, or do they go out? — it’s a good idea to pack a lunch just in case (you don’t want to be stuck for food once your stomach starts growling). Use your lunch hour to get to know your co-workers. Forming new friendships will not only make your internship more fun, but networking is an essential component to your internship — it’s the difference that will help turn your internship into a dream job.