Flirting 101: Easy Tips That Anyone Can Do

Don't stress when you can impress

Flirting doesn’t come naturally to everyone — and that’s totally okay! But flirting shouldn’t make your palms sweat or leave you tongue-tied. That’s because flirting is where the magic of attraction first starts to happen between you and your crush — plus it’s super fun too!

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If you’re single and ready to meet a new bae — or you already have your eye on someone — arm yourself with these surefire flirting tips, and watch the sparks fly.


1. Make some heavy-duty eye contact

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They say “the eyes are windows into the soul” for a reason. Connecting to your crush with some direct eye contact is simple and sexy, and is THE best way to indicate your interest. So the next time you spot that cutie, try to meet their gaze, hold it for a few seconds, and look away with just the *hint* of a smile. Just make sure you’re holding it for a moment or two — you don’t want to appear creepy!


2. Send a special Snap

You’re on Snap all the time anyway, so you might as well use it to get your flirt on. Snap a pic of your adorable puppy with the caption, “I know someone else who’s just as cute!” Keep it short and sweet (10 seconds should do it) and send your crush snaps that you don’t post in your Story — you want him or her to know they’re special!


3. Ask them a question

Wondering how to initiate a convo with your crush? Ask them a question! If you’re in the cafeteria line with that hottie from your Spanish class, ask him what’s his fave dish. From there, you can move onto asking him about the upcoming Spanish quiz, what he thinks of your teacher, etc. To keep the convo flowing, make sure your questions are open-ended (you don’t want “yes” or “no” answers).


4. Give a genuine compliment

Compliments are the easiest way to flirt, but you want to sound genuine and not like you’re reciting cheesy lines from a movie. Instead of telling someone “You have really pretty eyes,” try something more unique like, “I really love the sound of your laugh” or “You have an awesomely quirky personality!” Giving a specific compliment ensures you will stick out in your crush’s mind.


5. Use a tiny bit of appropriate touch

A light touch, done properly and respectfully, speaks volumes. If your crush says something funny or meaningful, softly touching them on the forearm basically says, “I realllyyyyy like you!”  A study published in Social Influence found that by doing so increased the chance participants would give out their phone number or go on a date. But ensure that the environment and vibe is right before you do it because comfort and respect is key.


6. Tease ’em

Teasing your crush not only makes flirting less intense, but it also shows off your playful side. Example: when your new cutie texts you, text them back with: “New phone, who dis?” When he writes back, respond with: “Oh, it’s YOU! 🙂 What’s up?” (If he doesn’t text back within a few minutes, make sure you do in case he doesn’t get the joke.) So go ahead and make a little fun of your potential new bae, and give them a hard time. Because everyone likes a good chase!