How to Throw a Fourth of July Party Like Taylor Swift

A giant slip n' slide is a MUST

How to Throw a Fourth of July Party Like Taylor Swift


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It’s almost that time of year again. You know that time of year when you’re constantly checking Taylor Swift‘s Instagram feed to see just how spectacular her Fourth of July bash was. As you know when it comes to throwing epic parties, nobody does it better — or bigger — than Taylor.

Though you might not be able to throw a party exaaaactly like Taylor — meaning the seaside mansion and celeb and model guest list — you can totally take some cues from the awesome hostess-with-the-mostest in order to make your Fourth of July extravaganza Swift-worthy. Here’s how!


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1. Invite Your Ridiculously Good Looking Friends

If you haven’t noticed, Taylor only hangs with really, really good looking people. Take a page from her contact list, and only invite the hottest people you know to your bash. Look through your Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook feed for the hottest peeps who also have a popular following — because you’ll want them to share every moment on their feeds!


2. Get a Slip N’ Slide

Next thing on the list? A gigantic slip n’ slide that’s basically the size of a house. Actually the one that Taylor set up for her and her friends is probably bigger than most houses #TaylorSwiftProblems. Try the more reasonable Wham-O Slip N Slide, available at Amazon ($20).


3. Matching Stars & Stripes Bathing Suits

How else will your squad know that they’re a part of your squad without wearing matching bathing suits?! Get into the Independence Day spirit with your friends by wearing swimsuits reminiscent of our American flag, from stars and stripes to red and blue, they’re not only patriotic, they’re also soooo ‘gram-worthy (why else would you wear them??). Find yours at Charlotte Russe with an American Wrap Bikini Bottoms and Top ($10 each).


4. Stars & Stripes Basically Everywhere

Actually, you’re best to have stars and stripes literally everywhere. From blankets to hoodies to flag-inspired cakes and drinks, you basically want your party to look like the ghost of Betsy Ross organized and decorated the whole thing. Get a Stitched Stars and Stripes Fleece Blanket from ($32).


5. Always ALWAYS Have Fun

It’s a party, remember? Which means it’s totally okay — in fact, totally necessary — to have tons of fun. Oh, and take LOTS of photos of you having fun because if it didn’t happen on Snap, did it really happen at all?


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