Why It’s Important to Get a Full Night’s Sleep

Learn Why Sleep is SUPER Important For You

Sleeping might just be one of the greatest pleasures in life. It proves that the best things in life really are free! But it’s easy to let sleep fall off our priority list. All nighters on the weekend and studying until the wee hours of the morning might sound like a good idea, but not getting the right amount of sleep isn’t that great for your health. In fact, sleeping at least 7 hours a night can result in some amazing benefits! So go ahead and treat yourself to a good ol’ lazy day of sleeping in so you can enjoy all of these fabulous health benefits!

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1. Your Skin Will Glow

In addition to acne, there’s a whole mess of skin problems that a lack of sleep can cause. Think dark circles and oily skin! Additionally, a lack of sleep causes serious inflammation. Increased inflammation is what causes your breakouts, increased skin sensitivity, and increased allergic contact dermatitis reactions. It’s safe to say that this is reason enough to get your nightly 7 hours of sleep!

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2. Reduce Your Stress

When it comes to managing your stress, sleep is just as important as exercising and eating well. Sleep is crucial to reducing stress. If you find yourself anxious or worrying more than normal, you might need to sleep more. “Many things that we take for granted are affected by sleep,” says Dr Raymonde Jean who is the director of sleep medicine and associate St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center in New York City. “If you sleep better, you can certainly live better. Sleep can definitely reduce levels of stress,” she says.

3. Improve Your Memory

Did you think that your mind just turns off while you sleep? Nope! Your fabulous brain is actually working a lot while you sleep! Sleep can actually help can strengthen memories and “practice” skills learned while you were awake, aka consolidation. So if you’re trying to study for your test or hold onto a memory longer, make sure to fall asleep right afterwards.

4. Live Longer

You might be spending ⅓ of your life asleep, but you’ll also have a longer life! However, sleeping a very specific amount of hours is required to make you live longer. Too much or too little sleep is associated with shorter lifespans (however it’s not 100% if it’s a cause or effect. A study of women ages 50-79 in 2010  recorded that there were more deaths in women who got less than five hours or more than six and a half hours of sleep per night.) But if you’re sleeping more than 6 hours like the rest of us, don’t fear. More sleep can actually enhance the quality of your life!

5. Boost Creativity

Have you ever stayed up late and felt that your creative juices were all dried up? That’s because sleep helps enhance your creativity! When you sleep, your brain doesn’t just consolidate memories, but it also helps to reorganize and restructure said memories, which ultimately boosts your creativity. Researchers at Harvard University and Boston College found that people seem to strengthen the emotional components of a memory during sleep, which may help spur the creative process.

6. Improve Your Grades

According to a 2010 study, children and teens between the ages of 10 and 16 who have sleep disorders such as snoring, sleep apnea, and other types of interrupted breathing during sleep, are more likely to have problems with attention and learning. Additionally, college students that didn’t sleep enough had worse grades than those students who got adequate sleep! Sleeping sound for longer periods of time have been proven to increase your grades throughout all of your education experience.

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