Get To Know Arden Rose And Erica Dasher

Catch them in season two of "Guidance"

Get ready to get schooled because an all new season of one of everyone’s favorite shows is making its way to Verizon’s go90 app, and yes, we’re talking about “Guidance.” With the highly anticipated, second season premiere of the show on November 14th, our excitement is at another level and we have so many reasons why. First off, there are going to be two new stars in the show and it’s none other than YouTube sensations Arden Rose and Erica Dasher!

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Before this new season of “Guidance” becomes your all-time obsession, let’s get to know more about the lovely ladies who are joining the cast of the show!

Arden Rose:

1. She stars as Hadley in “Mr. Student Body President.”

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We love watching Arden Rose in another go90 show titled, “Mr. Student Body President.” The fact that Arden will be in another show, which means more chances of us seeing her beautiful face on our screens, makes us oh, so happy.

Get To Know Arden Rose And Erica Dasher; Arden Rose Mr. Student Body President

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2. She has her own app and it’s pretty incredible!

Want the best fashion tips? Or what about some of the most flawless beauty tutorials? Then Arden Rose’s app should definitely be your go-to! We must admit, we’re totally hooked on it.

Thought I'd go unfiltered with this one.

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3. She used to be roommates with three other outstanding YouTubers

Imagine some of your fave YouTube stars living together. Well, it totally happened before! Arden Rose used to be roomies with our baes Lauren Elizabeth, Jenn McAllister, and Andrea Russett. Can we please join their girl-squad?!

Get To Know Arden Rose And Erica Dasher; Arden Rose Lauren Elizabeth Jenn McAllister and Andrea Russett

Source: Tumblr


Erica Dasher:

1. She starred in ABC Family’s “Jane By Design.”

Erica Dasher is a familiar face in the fashion-filled, fan-favorite show, “Jane By Design.” Now, we’ll get to see her take on the role of a guidance counselor in the new season of “Guidance.”


2. She is also a filmmaker

Erica Dasher co-founded a production company and even brought out a fantastic documentary. So cool!


3. She’s a college grad

Beauty, talent… and brains! Erica Dasher studied at the University of Southern California to be a film director. YAS GIRL, SLAY!


Now that you’ve learned a little more about Arden Rose and Erica Dasher, be sure to catch them in an all new season of “Guidance.” School starts on November 14th on the go90 app!

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