The Awesomeness Gift Guide for Mother’s Day

All under $20

We know your mom’s the coolest. She cooks and helps you with your homework — and pays for your phone bill. Not to mention she’s always there to offer her support with some sage advice and a comforting hug. Which is why it’s so important we celebrate Mother’s Day, a whole 24 hours to show your mom that you appreciate all the amazing thing she does.

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Though your mom gave you the best gift of all — LIFE — you can try your best to thank her for all that she’s done for you with some of these amazing gift ideas. The best news? They’re all under $20!


1. Yoga Mat

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What every mother secretly — or not so secretly — craves is some serious relaxation. Your mom doesn’t have to love yoga, but she will love the alone “me” time she’ll receive on her new yoga mat as she stretches and improves her imposture. Gaiam Medallion Yoga Mat, Target ($18.99).


2. Bath Bombs

Bring the spa to your mom at home with some scrumptious bath bombs. A few of these will instantly transform your mom’s tub into a sweet escape. She’ll love this ‘Mom’ bomb with its Sicilian lemon and sweet orange scent with refreshingly floral hints of rose. Lush, $7.95.


3. Slippers

A real Queen deserves a nice pair of — not glass — but cozy slippers. A comfortable pair of slippers can make a world of difference for your mom’s tootsies after a tough day. She’ll definitely feel pampered with this pair of Muk Luks from Walmart ($15).


4. iPhone Case

Your mom might not consider dressing up her iPhone, but that doesn’t mean she won’t like a rad new iPhone case that’s not only stylish but suits her personality. Treat her to something whimsical and make her feel like a kid again. Macy’s ($11).


5.  Passport Case

You might not be able to treat your mom to a much-needed vacation, but you can help get her journey started with a lush leather passport case. She’ll love the luxuriousness of both the case and the promise of globe-trotting it brings. T.J. Maxx ($19.99).


6. Mother’s Day Coffee Mug

Your mom loves her jolt of java in the morning, and she’ll probably love it more — or at least LOL — whenever she spots this hilarious coffee mug. Plus, it’s always fun to bug your siblings, right? Amazon ($19.95).


7. Scented Candle

Your mama deserves something more special than just an ol’ scented candle, which is why you should treat her to something like the Munio Candela Mini Wild Flowers Candle ($12) from Urban Outfitters. It smells like beautiful roses and casts off a pretty flower-shadowed glow for a scenic escape within a home.


8. Water Bottle

Receiving adequate hydration is sooo important for so many healthy reasons. Whether your mom’s at the gym, or on her way to work, help her achieve the H20 daily requirements with this cute Tritan Fashion Bottle in Merlot from Bed, Bath & Beyond ($11).


9. Chocolate

Who doesn’t love a little chocolate? Chances are your mom loves it just as much as you do. Indulge your mom with a decadent assorted chocolate gift from Godiva ($8.50).