The Internet Found Gigi Hadid’s Doppelgänger and OMG

They could totally be twins, right?

Another day, another celebrity doppelgänger found by the glorious, way too much time on their hands Internet. This time, we’re all abuzz because apparently there is a woman out there walking around with supermodel Gigi Hadid‘s exact features. The blue eyes, pouty lips, fair skin — the whole genetic lottery kabab!

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The Internet recently stumbled upon a Netherland-based Instagram model and blogger named Iza IJerman. Before we blow your mind, first let’s take a look at Gigi.

🎮🎮🎮 coming soon

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Yep, still amazingly beautiful. Now, onto Iza IJerman:

always fun to be here! make-up by angel @stefanievestert

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Umm… uncanny, right?! We certainly think so. The news that the world found the two models to be lookalikes wasn’t surprising to Iza either. When she signed with her modeling agency, MiLK, they posted a photo of her to their Instagram with the caption: “The new curvy Gigi Hadid.” Iza explained to Refinary29 “That’s the moment I realized it might be true!” She also expressed, however, that she thinks she looks more like Bella, Gigi’s just as fierce dark haired sister. We’re going to have to disagree with her on that one, though.

Let’s take one more look:


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Gigi has yet to respond to the viral news, but we think we need to arrange a meet-up photo shoot asap. Who’s with us?

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