Does He See You As a Girl Friend or Girlfriend?

Are you in the Friendzone or not?

Does He See You As a Girl Friend or Girlfriend?


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So you and your guy friend are super tight. You always have awesome hangs together, he makes you majorly LOL, and you feel you can tell him *anything* without any judgment. No wonder you have a secret crush on him! Because your connection is so solid, you’re probably wondering whether he feels the same. Without actually asking him (umm, embarrassing!), read on for the signs that mean he sees you more than a friend — or not.


1. How He Hangs With You

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A guy who’s interested in you romantically will find any chance he’s got in order to be alone with you. It’s called quality time for a reason. However, if you find yourself initiating one-on-one hangouts all the time, or that he usually brings his backup of boys whenever he spends time with you, then chances are he sees you as just “one of the guys.”


2. His Body Language

A guy who likes you will want as much physical contact with you as often as possible. Whether it’s sneaking in a hug or a cuddle or picking an eyelash from your cheek, he won’t hesitate to get close to you. On the other hand, if your guy friend never lays a finger on you no matter how close you sit together, then it’s a sign he’s not into you like that.


3. How He Talks About Other Girls

This is kind of a trick question. A guy who wants to be more than friends will never mention another girl because, in his eyes, you are THE girl. However, if your guy constantly talks to you about other girls, including those who he’d love to hook up with and his conquests, then he probably doesn’t want to hook up with you.


4. His Nicknames for You

Does your guy friend refer to you as “buddy” or “pal” or by your last name on the reg? Does he describe you as “cute” and “funny” but never “beautiful” and “sexy”? Then he probably wants to just be friends with you. A guy who’s into you will find every chance to compliment you and let you know how special you are to him.


5. Where He Hangs Out With You

Similar to whether or not he hangs out with you in groups or not, a guy who only wants to chill with you in public — for example, at the local diner or at a basketball game– is a guy who wants zero opportunity to pull a move on you. However, if he regularly hangs out with you in privately, like at your house or his, he’s most likely looking for the perf time to get closer.


6. His Eyes

A guy who’s really into you will always make direct eye contact with you whenever you’re talking. He might even steal a secret glance or two (that he’ll want you to catch). But if a guy only sees you as a friend? He’s either constantly checking his phone or checking out another girl.